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    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Rays 4/Sox 2

    What a wild night at the trop! We lost in the 14th inning... don't start me. Personally, I want tonight to be quick, tidy and a big-ass WIN for the Sox


    Pena what a play!
    while I prefer a Youk hit
    that was poetry

    JD Drew swings hard
    the ball flies back halting short
    of the wall - third out

    Oki stands in now
    Lester halting after six
    time for the bull pen

    Bases are loaded
    the score is tied, the battle
    truly begins now

    Ramirez? I think
    Houdini is more like it
    onto eleventh

    @leonnea Dave Roberts just puts
    me to sleep no matter what
    time the game is on

    13?! Really guys
    it's time for bed not ball now
    so finish it up