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    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Sox 18/O's 10

    What a game. This was one of those things that just highlighted the difference between two Sox pitchers: Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. Lester was on the way to being an OK starter when he spent a little time with Curt Schilling who taught him how to be a better pitcher by taking notes and keeping his head in the game. Buchholz was on the road to be a phenom when he fizzled and died after that no-hitter because he still has that "but I was blessed by the baseball fairies at birth...." sort of think going. While I would have rather have seen him instead of Masterson go, the Indians weren't stupid and took the better man.

    When he gave up 6 runs in the third inning, almost blowing a 7 run lead his team gave him, I began to wonder how loudly you have to yell before they can hear you on the other side of the TV screen.

    The score is more of a football score - it was a ridiculous game. One of the highlights for me was the haiku battle I had with an O's fan at one point. In the end, I was glad for the off day, I don't know about the team but I certainly needed a rest.


    Wrapping up today
    at Fenway South. I'm sure the
    O's are glad we're gone

    Reddick's first home run
    quite a feat, especially
    with a bloody nose

    Not again Buccholtz
    look kid, you're not Curt Schilling
    so just be yourself

    Victor does his part
    straight up the middle for a hit
    C'mon Youk, make me smile

    the offense steps up
    giving Buchholtz a secon
    chance. Don't blow it Clay!

    I'm scared, if I go
    for my run now, we will lose
    the lead once again

    When you listen to
    your catcher things roll much
    more smoothly Manny

    It's 16 to 9
    Dammit REd Sox time to
    get a freakin' grip

    Baltimore has its
    own language just like Eck does
    Ole? Whatever.

    Letsgoorioles writes:
    the is not fenway south the place is called camden yards and Baltimore!!!!

    Oh you poor O's fan
    40,000 sox fans would
    disagree with you

    We win once again
    now a much needed day off
    next stop Tampa Bay