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    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Oh my... I got caught up ...

    and haven't been posting. Right now the Yanks are in town for their last game of this series. I didn't post from the Toronto series or the shellacking we took Friday or the one we gave on Saturday... so here they all are. I promise to be more vigilant in the future.


    to the Pedroias on the
    birth of their first son.

    Big Papi knows that
    actions speak louder than words
    two nothing Boston

    Jason Bay will not
    be out done by Big Papi
    seven three Boston

    Are the Sox getting
    ready for the next chapter
    of the Sox-Yanks feud?

    Did the Sox give up?
    Francona looks distracted
    time to play small ball

    Sox take lead on a
    bad bunt and cheap shot but I'm
    not proud, I'll take it

    Papelbon needs to
    keep his head in the game or
    Sox will be in deep

    Better lucky than
    good tonight but I'll take it
    we needed the win


    No haiku tonight
    it's too hot and I'm cranky
    so let's go Red Sox

    Jerry Remy is
    coming back, which deserves a
    haiku. Welcome back. :)

    Oh one more haiku
    Buchholz looked like a pitcher
    letting the balls fly

    Yankees 20 - Sox 11

    Yankees back in town
    Remdawg's in the booth tonight
    rain rain go away

    Jacoby does it
    he steals second and ties the
    Sox record. Good Job

    Not surprisingly
    Penny just doesn't have it
    get a clue Theo

    No magic pixie
    dust needed, the Sox need som
    solid hitting now


    Sox 14-Yankees 1

    Ortiz monster run
    welcomes me home. And a piece
    of McCarver died.

    Jason Bay welcomes
    me home as well with one in
    the bullpen. Thank you.

    McCarver is lost
    he can't declare the Yankees
    winners in the sixth

    Pedroia reminds
    FOX Sports he's an MVP
    to McCarver's pain

    So Youk's last home run
    was his penultimate one
    so far in the game.

    I wish Remy was
    calling the game today as
    he's not a homer

    Youk hits a double
    is McCarver relieved it's
    not another run?

    Nini's at Fenway
    I'm at home in the AC
    and we're both happy

    Looks like it's about
    to pour in Boston, hurry
    Sox, get the third out!

    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    Sox 8/Rangers 4

    The Wild Card race is on and we came in 1/2 a game ahead of Texas. So this series is a must win. For most of the game, the Sox trailed until the bats woke up and we pulled it up in the end. The end result was a win for us after Victor Martinez turned things around.

    In the mean time, Peabody, MA little league won today's New England final to represent at Williamsport with a walk off grand slam. Good job guys. I knew you'd pull it out after pulling it out a couple of times against Newton Central Little League.

    Frank Viola is
    in the booth tonight with Don
    let's see how it goes

    Lester needs to find
    a rhythm, a stride, something
    since we need this win

    Red Sox Nation makes
    itself heard in Arlington
    just because we can

    Millwood is done
    as Big Papi steps into
    the box. A hit please.

    Big Papi comes through
    tying the score int he sixth
    we go us a game

    Damn! So close and yet
    a huge out. Buchholz is NOT
    a pinch runner. Damn!

    Martinez does it!
    A big, dig double to lead
    go all the way Bay!

    JD Drew goes deep
    to double the lead now
    another wild ride


    Good job Peabody!
    Walk off grand slam for the win

    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Sox/Tigers wrap up

    Life is what happens when you're busy making plans... at least that's what John Lennon has to say on the subject.

    Some highlights - well, the BIG highlight was Youk finally losing it and charging the mound. He's been suspended 5 games and should be rejoining us by Tuesday when we hit Toronto. The Sox are in Texas right now and they are facing their rivals for the wild card slot. If we take the series, then it's that much better for us as we start to look to the post-season.

    The other big news was the return of Remy. The Remdawg made a visit to the park and spoke openly about his battle with depression after dealing with cancer. If I had been there, I would have hugged him and thanked him for being so honest. Today Dick Flavin, who was at the park, told me the applause lasted the entire time between the sides changing up. I admit I love Eck in the booth - but I miss Remy and will be glad to see him return.

    I only caught the ninth inning of Thursday's day game due to work and obligations... but I'm in and ready for tonight in Texas. Let's go Red Sox.

    So here are the wrap ups from the week:

    Sox 7/Tigers 5

    Tazawa looks lost
    if Green doesn't screw him up
    he should do OK

    The message to Youk
    was crystal clear, so was his
    response: piss off punk

    Dear Detroit thank you
    for lighting a fire under
    the Red Sox's asses

    Mr. Toad's wild ride
    Fenway editions is still
    in motion: by boss

    Tazawa is now
    finding his stride, two punch outs
    in a row, good job.

    Mike Lowell's message:
    kiss that ball good bye sucker
    I've got Youk's back pal

    Three up and three down
    Tazawa is doing his
    best to hold the lead

    Lowell decides to
    add a PS: by the way
    apologize ... NOW

    The game is back on
    the rain has moved plast the park
    the message: play ball!

    Sox 8/Tigers 2

    Sometimes I wonder
    if arm chair coaches
    like Lowell again

    Trying to take out
    Pedroia now? Is Detroit
    that scared of the Sox?

    Big Papi is up
    I wonder if he will pull
    the ball? A single!

    I love you Jerry
    thank you for talking about
    your ordeal. YOU ROCK

    I think Granderson
    will be glad to leave Fenway
    after tonight's game.

    The Oki Dokie
    seems to be pulling just right
    two down, one to go.

    A ten strik out night
    last week's nay sayers must be
    pulling their hair out

    Detroit 2/Sox 0

    Finally watching
    bottom of the ninth and we
    need a miracle

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Sox 6/Tigers 5

    It was a good game. Penny didn't have a complete meltdown in the fifth and DelCarmen got himself out of a pinch. For me one of the highlights was the realization that Don Orsillo is now saying things like "paint" and "cheese with hair on it..." so Eck is having a good influence on him in the booth. We took the W and the Yanks were handed an L by the Jays - that's a good thing when you're a Sox Girl. 'Nuf Ced.

    Eck is in the booth
    not Remy as rumored but
    at least it's not Dave

    Can the Sox climb from
    this deep pit they find themselves
    at the bottom of?

    Pedroia gives u
    a reason to cheer and breathe
    with a monster run

    Did Orsillo just
    say paint? I can't believe it!
    Well done Eck, well done.

    Red Sox short stop curse
    Nick Green woudl disagree with
    one out of the park

    So now it begins
    the Penny implosion in
    the fifth like always.

    Jason Bay lets go
    for his twenty second run
    making me happy

    I have to resist
    "Bring me a shrubbery" when
    ever they say "Ni."

    Another starter's
    win floats on the night breeze and
    out of the ball park

    Even in the night
    the sun shines bright at Fenway
    whenever we lead.

    It's hairy cheeseball
    time for Papelbon I hope
    he can just hold on

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Yanks sweep Sox

    While the baseball fan inside of me knows better, the little girl who dreams of the Sox is broken right now. Yes, we still lead the Sox/Yanks series 8-4, but the losses were painful. There were two games so well pitched it wasn't funny... the type of game where you feel like there shouldn't be a loser even though you know there has to be. Whether it was the 15 inning opus on Friday or the nine inning battle lost in the 8th, they were losses that stabbed you in the heart with a stiletto heel before stomping on your throat. It was made worse having to watch the games on Fox Sports and ESPN over the weekend.

    We saw the end of John Smoltz's career on Thursday night; a beautiful pitchers' battle between Josh Beckett and A J Burnett, Daniel Bard's implosion... so many notable moments.



    Ugly night so far
    TV kicked to Burn Notice
    Maybe it's a hint?

    I'll give Smoltz this much
    when he collapses, he
    really collapses.

    Following the game
    on Sportacular tonight
    it's more than enough

    Like a spurned suitor
    the Sox are late to the dance
    let's pick up the pace.

    Perhaps it's the Yanks
    turn tonight, but I never
    count the Red Sox out.

    Ah John Smoltz, you lose
    again. How long until you
    just give up for good?

    Friday August 7:

    A rubber chicken
    dinner instead of the game
    life as a parent.

    I must check the score
    so discreetly under the
    table: tied at nil

    Beckett is pitching
    duelling Burnett. I hope
    the Sox edge ahead.

    I wonder, should I
    have smuggled a radio
    to listen now?

    The last group is up
    soon I'll be going home and
    listen in the car.

    Yanks leave them loaded
    Posada then interferes
    I need a TV

    Burnett tired first
    New York reaches for the pen
    here's hoping they fold

    Beckett's done also
    it's Oki's turn now to go
    for the hopeful win

    Another extra
    innings game and I'm fading
    fast will I make it?


    My custom is to
    when the game's on Fox

    I believe in the
    Red Sox today, yesterday
    and tomorrow too.

    Another dry heave
    inning for the sox. I hope
    Clay can handle it.

    The no hitter's done
    now the question becomes can
    Clay Buchholz go deep?

    Is Tim McCarver
    psychic? He just called the win
    in the sixth inning.

    Ramirez is out?
    Really? That makes zero sense.
    What's up the ump's ass?

    The Sox lose again
    I still believe but right now
    I just feel sickened.



    In the Big Apple
    the Sox face the Yanks again
    let's go Jon Lester

    Bay is back tonight
    I hope he's up tot he task
    we really need him

    A bright spot tonigh
    El Tiante in the booth
    please, please let him stay

    Is it me or does
    Joe Morgan sound like Cleveland
    from Family Guy?

    Finally! A game
    recap from the announcers
    please come back NESN

    Do you think maybe
    the announcers looked up and
    said, "Hey a game's on!"

    It was time to get
    serious and the window
    closed again. Oy Veh!

    Perhaps it is time
    to say "Fuck Jobu" to wake
    up the Red Sox bats.

    What sweet swing to
    take the lead Martinez you
    have restored my faith

    There goes Lester's win
    in the New York night followed
    by Bard's broken heart

    I want to vomit.
    Between this inning and the
    announcers, not fun

    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Rays 4/Sox 2

    What a wild night at the trop! We lost in the 14th inning... don't start me. Personally, I want tonight to be quick, tidy and a big-ass WIN for the Sox


    Pena what a play!
    while I prefer a Youk hit
    that was poetry

    JD Drew swings hard
    the ball flies back halting short
    of the wall - third out

    Oki stands in now
    Lester halting after six
    time for the bull pen

    Bases are loaded
    the score is tied, the battle
    truly begins now

    Ramirez? I think
    Houdini is more like it
    onto eleventh

    @leonnea Dave Roberts just puts
    me to sleep no matter what
    time the game is on

    13?! Really guys
    it's time for bed not ball now
    so finish it up

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Sox 18/O's 10

    What a game. This was one of those things that just highlighted the difference between two Sox pitchers: Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. Lester was on the way to being an OK starter when he spent a little time with Curt Schilling who taught him how to be a better pitcher by taking notes and keeping his head in the game. Buchholz was on the road to be a phenom when he fizzled and died after that no-hitter because he still has that "but I was blessed by the baseball fairies at birth...." sort of think going. While I would have rather have seen him instead of Masterson go, the Indians weren't stupid and took the better man.

    When he gave up 6 runs in the third inning, almost blowing a 7 run lead his team gave him, I began to wonder how loudly you have to yell before they can hear you on the other side of the TV screen.

    The score is more of a football score - it was a ridiculous game. One of the highlights for me was the haiku battle I had with an O's fan at one point. In the end, I was glad for the off day, I don't know about the team but I certainly needed a rest.


    Wrapping up today
    at Fenway South. I'm sure the
    O's are glad we're gone

    Reddick's first home run
    quite a feat, especially
    with a bloody nose

    Not again Buccholtz
    look kid, you're not Curt Schilling
    so just be yourself

    Victor does his part
    straight up the middle for a hit
    C'mon Youk, make me smile

    the offense steps up
    giving Buchholtz a secon
    chance. Don't blow it Clay!

    I'm scared, if I go
    for my run now, we will lose
    the lead once again

    When you listen to
    your catcher things roll much
    more smoothly Manny

    It's 16 to 9
    Dammit REd Sox time to
    get a freakin' grip

    Baltimore has its
    own language just like Eck does
    Ole? Whatever.

    Letsgoorioles writes:
    the is not fenway south the place is called camden yards and Baltimore!!!!

    Oh you poor O's fan
    40,000 sox fans would
    disagree with you

    We win once again
    now a much needed day off
    next stop Tampa Bay