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    Sunday, August 2, 2009

    Sox 4/Orioles 0

    I feel like we're having a lot of "deja vue" scores with the O's. Last night was truly the night of double plays and it saved Beckett's backside. Of course when I look at Beckett all I can think of is the team is like a toddler looking at an uncle or familiar face yelling, "Joshie UP!" when they've fallen for whatever reason.

    Last night was Victor Martinez's debut in a Sox uniform, and like an over anxious puppy he accidentally peed on the rug with some botched plays and bad swings. Once he got the paper across the nose, he settled down for a good RBI and some solid fielding at first. It's hard, a new time and a new philosophy and unlike Jason Bay who stepped right in to take over where Manny left off, he had some jitters. It happens and I'm sure after this he will be just fine.

    Josh Reddick got his first big league hit: a double. He hit a couple of them last night, a nice way to start your career in the big league. I expect he'll be around for a while, which is nice.

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    Another game at
    Fenway South tonight and it's
    one-nothing Boston

    Josh Reddick's first hit
    a strong double to center
    a great souvenir

    I hope Martinez
    can catch the feckless knuckler
    it's a tall order.

    Martinez must be
    nervous, botching routine plays
    he's trying too hard.

    First hit for Victor
    an RBI single to
    bring Jacoby home

    Another feckless
    inning for the Orioles
    Sox on top three-nill