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    Saturday, August 1, 2009

    Sox 6/Orioles 5

    Well, in spite of Smoltz's best efforts, we won. I know, I know... give him time... blah, blah, blah. It's no secret I was never enamored with the deals that added Smoltz and Penny to our starting rotation. I don't believe the reports of Dice-K bad mouthing Sox management, it's just not within the Japanese culture or character to criticize management.

    So here we are without Halladay but with Martinez to bolster our offensive. It's a good start, but I'm not positive it's enough. I still believe we have what it takes to extend summer right up until Halloween, but it won't be without a cost. If nothing else, Martinez covers some holes in the dyke with more than a finger to stick in the hole to hold off the freezing water.

    Tonight is Martinez's debut and he's hitting in the 3 spot... let's see what happens.


    The sox are apt to
    spend some time adjusting to
    all the trades today

    Around the horn a
    chain reaction starts: Lowell
    down the line to first

    JD Drew is hurt
    this time a strain, he's apt to
    hurt himself a lot

    Papi sends one deep
    the crowd at Fenwy South cheer
    he's apt to do that

    Ellsbury jumps high
    to save Smoltz's backside again
    good job Jacoby

    Youk's Papi homage
    at the plate was quite touching
    and subtle. Good Job.