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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Sox 4/Orioles 0

    Interleague play is FINALLY over. Look it should happen twice a season: the All Star Game and World Series. Period. End of Discussion. Leaving behind Atlanta, the Sox rolled into Fenway South, Camden Yards in Baltimore. Amid the loud chants of "Let's Go Red Sox" with it's rhythmic clap, the Sox showed no mercy as they rolled over the O's.

    It was a night of steals and Eck heard a new phrase that he had fun with all evening. Long gone was talk of cheese and salad. Instead it was all about "don't get your finger stuck in the socket..." meaning, he guessed, don't get uptight or nervous.

    For me, it was a joy to have Eck back in the booth, the win was just salad with some heat.


    Pedroia steals one
    the Sox second steal tonight
    balk puts him on third

    Ellsbury can't stop
    he has a second steal now
    and he's not done yet

    Scoring from second
    Jacoby comes around third
    another run scored

    A new phrase for Eck
    finger stuck in the socket
    cheese is forgotten.

    Monday, June 29, 2009

    Braves 2/Sox 1

    There's nothing like being at a road race and the announcer stupidly throws in a Sox reference. Since the weather in Boston on Sunday was sketchy, when the DJ played "Sweet Caroline," the announcer called out, "So do you think the Sox will get their game in today?" It's bad when the Yankees fan I was standing with yelled out, "They're in Atlanta today jerk..."


    Still, we failed to sweep the Braves. I know it happens but it would have been nice. At least Cap'n Tek brought me some hope in the ninth even if it died with Ellsbury with the next at bat.


    Brad Penny singles?
    No, a Chipper Jones error.
    OK, that makes sense.

    Roberts in the booth
    his voice lulls me off to sleep
    in the eighth inning

    Oh Youk, you master
    what a way to get out of
    a pickle and steal!

    Captain I just knew
    I could count on you when down
    to not surrender.

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Boston 4/Braves 1

    Sometimes the spirit just doesn't move me during a game, sometimes it does. Perhaps it was that "damn, it's a Fox game tomorrow" which means putting up with Tim McCarver (why does this man still have a job?) and a team of broadcasters that make no secret that they hate the Red Sox and will do all they can to show their disdain. Perhaps it's that I'm missing that chemistry Orsillo really has with the Remdawg (please get well soon Jerry - I miss you) or the silliness of Eck in the booth.

    Whatever it was, no matter how beautiful a gem, what caught my imagination was the late innings balk.


    Everyone moves up
    thanks to yet another balk
    runners poised to strike

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Nationals 9/Sox 1

    I missed the return of Smoltz to attend a high school graduation.

    The universe works in mysterious ways.

    Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Sox 6/Nationals 4

    I'm starting to think the perhaps the Nationals are the Tampa Bay Rays of the National League. They gave us a good run for the money and both nights it only took one mistake to open things up for us. Still, it was a good game and a good win.

    Earlier in the day I was in a shopping mall where a kid was wearing a Pedroia jersey. He told me he was his favorite player and I said I was betting he was good for a couple of home runs. Of course he didn't (last night) but there's still tonight.

    Of course they scored one of their runs on a freak play when the bat and ball flew at Nick Green and he hung in there until the last moment. I have to say it was a bit sobering seeing the bat sticking out of the ground where it impaled the sod knowing that could have been a piece of Green, but we recovered and Papi made them pay.


    So I told a kid
    Pedroia is good for two
    I hope I'm right

    Bat and ball flying
    Nick Green tries to stay on it
    thank G-d he's not hurt!

    Papi's back in town
    and announcing it loudly
    three to one Red Sox

    Captain my captain
    I sing your praises again
    a great two run shot

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Sox 11/Nationals 3

    Boston returned to DC in interleague play against the Washington Nationals in their new stadium. It is a beautiful stadium with an ugly team. I was in DC when the Nats were about to enter into their first season this side of the border and the excitement was huge. Unfortunately we're still dealing with the Expos and Expos mentality, thus they have managed to disappoint to the point of thanking the baseball deities for this chance to allow the worst team in the MLB to be trounced by one of the best in the MLB. For once there were bodies in the seat, even if the results were close to a normal night at the ball park in DC.

    The fact those bodies were Bostonians who realized it was cheaper to fly to DC, stay a couple of days and catch a couple of Sox games is beside the fact. At least the Nats hung in there for a little bit before waving the flag of surrender.

    Sox playing the Nats
    first time in the Nats new park
    too bad the Nats suck

    It's Red Sox Nation
    They're loud, proud and in da house
    it's cheaper than home

    Wells is trying hard
    but mimicking Pap's stare
    isn't quite enough

    Jason Bay is great
    Theo needs to sign him NOW
    no ifs ands or buts

    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Sox 6/Braves 5

    A father's day game in the New England drizzle with strange winds. While I missed the first half of the game (we took my husband to brunch and to the JFK Library), what I did catch reminded me that Papelbon can have his human days where the glare's not as scary and the control isn't quite where he wants it. He got lucky and sometimes better lucky than good. Nick Green saved his backside this time... even then, it was a good win.

    NOTE: I set my twitter to Tehran time to help create a log jam so people can get information out. You should do the same.


    Drizzle in the ninth
    Score is tied and Pap is off
    good luck to the boys

    Nick Green steps in
    with one mighty swing, is it?
    YES walk off baby!

    Green saves Pap's back side
    On a day the stuff was weak
    Happy Father's Day!

    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Sox 3/Braves 0

    It was a lovely day for a game, unfortunately it was at night when the weather got a little funky. Fortunately for us, the weather held and so did the Sox. Derek Lowe's return to Fenway wasn't quite what he hoped for; however, he wasn't an embarrassment.


    Derek Lowe is back
    But that doesn't stop the boys
    from ending his night.

    I like double plays
    when they are clean and pretty
    and turned by the Sox

    Beckett throws a gem
    it may not be breaking news
    it's still a great feat

    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Braves 8/Sox 2

    What should have been an interesting match up turned into a disaster with the first pitch. It happens sometimes - the breaks go to the other team and it was one of those nights. What struck me when they pulled Dice-K was that in Little League we tell kids on the mound: you have 7 players behind you, just throw strikes and let them do their jobs. But a couple of odd bounces, weird directions off the wall and such made me wonder if that's really the right advice to give to kids?


    It's Dice-K versus
    Kawakami so far it's
    a good one on tap

    We tell pitchers that
    the whole team is behind them
    I guess not tonight

    Bay got us on board
    Big Papi sat us back down
    perhaps it's a start?

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Marlins 2/Sox 1

    I knew when they pulled the tarp the game was over. Eck tried to tell me otherwise, but I knew and I needed to get some sleep before the iPhone launch today. With the storms looming on the horizon, I'm hoping they get the game in tonight as well... we'll see. Time for an old school Boston rivalry. I wonder who my parents are rooting for, they were Braves fans back in the day but now are "default" Red Sox fan since... well since I can remember. My, my loyalty lies in one place only: my heart (and sox) are RED.


    Wow an on time start
    As the rain falls on Fenway
    can we sweep the Fish?

    Yes the beard of truth
    powered Youk over the wall
    for the one run lead

    It's starting to pour
    They're rolling out the tarp now.
    Marlins by default?

    Eck says we ain't done
    this is just a rain delay.
    Me, I'm not so sure

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Sox 6/Marlins 1

    Figures I was at the 499th consecutively sold out game because last night they gave away goodies for the 500th sold out game. Story of my life... oh well, we got a Papi homerun and other wonderful highlights that night. Last night's victory was a fresh taste of comfort as I gear up for work insanity over the next couple of weeks. Also, with a new car coming into my life I need to find an appropriate Sox emblem to go along with my RS plates. If only they made a Red Sox fish emblem.....

    I went the wrong night
    no presents for me except
    a big win and fun

    Will a run walk in?
    Happened last night after all
    Instead a single.

    Pap's intense again
    throwing hot cheese at batters
    falling down like leaves

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Sox 8/Marlins 2

    What a great night at the park! I headed into the game with my siblings for a night of baseball, beer and Fenway Franks. Papi got his groove back and is finally back over the Mendoza line. Jacoby stole a couple of bases and we dined on fish. :) Since the focus was on family time, there were no haiku documenting Wakes blistering 67 mph knuckle ball or other things I would normally note and I'd love to thank Nini for the assist on the second haiku.


    At Fenway tonight
    loving the view over first
    what a game tonight

    Good game, family fun
    Ortiz is hitting again
    it's time for the win

    On the way back home
    T-shirt vendors hawk their wares
    "Five dollah hats heah"

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Phillies 11/Sox 6

    Like so many other games, this is one where it all went south later in the game. For the Sox this year it seems like if we can avoid that one "bad" inning, we're good and we're just not that good at avoiding it right now.

    Once again it starts/a bad inning changes all/oh for shorter games

    It's do or die time/we're coming into the ninth/time to get into gear

    You can't win them all/but I hate stupid losses/this one was stupid

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    Sox 11/Phillies 6

    In game 2 against Phillie, there was a 1.5 hour rain delay after the first.Dice-K was left in a hair too long because he was brought back after the delay and thrw about 3-4 dozen warm up pitches before starting the second inning. While the offense stepped up and did their part, it was a bit hairy there for a moment.

    Lugo is hitting/the nation is so relieved/maybe it will last?

    Oh my Pedroia/never cease to amaze me/I mean it... don't stop

    Like Manny's better/c'mon, get it together/before we lose this

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Sox 5/Phillies 2

    I learned today that the twitter feed scrolls accordingly, so I will repost my game haiku the next day starting today. Enjoy. If anyone's interested in the older ones, let me know. My husband decided I needed to take a break from baseball and convinced me to go out for the evening. We ended up at a local mall, where I was forced to follow the game via Sportacular and's game day programs. It wasn't pretty. At least I got home in time to watch the extra inning 5-2 win over Philly.

    Husband says to me/you need a break from baseball/hooray for wi-fi
    In the Apple store/Game Day on a MacBook Pro/not ideal but works
    So close to a win/now it's a tie in the ninth/lets win red sox NOW


    I opened a Twitter account a year ago and then promptly ignored it. In a conversation just before the start of the 2009 baseball season, I mentioned it to someone who challenged me to write a Haiku about Red Sox games via Twitter.

    One problem I notice with twitter is that I can't correct typos - so I will use this spot to do so and apologize in advance for my ham fingered typing.