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    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Marlins 2/Sox 1

    I knew when they pulled the tarp the game was over. Eck tried to tell me otherwise, but I knew and I needed to get some sleep before the iPhone launch today. With the storms looming on the horizon, I'm hoping they get the game in tonight as well... we'll see. Time for an old school Boston rivalry. I wonder who my parents are rooting for, they were Braves fans back in the day but now are "default" Red Sox fan since... well since I can remember. My, my loyalty lies in one place only: my heart (and sox) are RED.


    Wow an on time start
    As the rain falls on Fenway
    can we sweep the Fish?

    Yes the beard of truth
    powered Youk over the wall
    for the one run lead

    It's starting to pour
    They're rolling out the tarp now.
    Marlins by default?

    Eck says we ain't done
    this is just a rain delay.
    Me, I'm not so sure