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    Monday, June 29, 2009

    Braves 2/Sox 1

    There's nothing like being at a road race and the announcer stupidly throws in a Sox reference. Since the weather in Boston on Sunday was sketchy, when the DJ played "Sweet Caroline," the announcer called out, "So do you think the Sox will get their game in today?" It's bad when the Yankees fan I was standing with yelled out, "They're in Atlanta today jerk..."


    Still, we failed to sweep the Braves. I know it happens but it would have been nice. At least Cap'n Tek brought me some hope in the ninth even if it died with Ellsbury with the next at bat.


    Brad Penny singles?
    No, a Chipper Jones error.
    OK, that makes sense.

    Roberts in the booth
    his voice lulls me off to sleep
    in the eighth inning

    Oh Youk, you master
    what a way to get out of
    a pickle and steal!

    Captain I just knew
    I could count on you when down
    to not surrender.