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    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Sox 8/Marlins 2

    What a great night at the park! I headed into the game with my siblings for a night of baseball, beer and Fenway Franks. Papi got his groove back and is finally back over the Mendoza line. Jacoby stole a couple of bases and we dined on fish. :) Since the focus was on family time, there were no haiku documenting Wakes blistering 67 mph knuckle ball or other things I would normally note and I'd love to thank Nini for the assist on the second haiku.


    At Fenway tonight
    loving the view over first
    what a game tonight

    Good game, family fun
    Ortiz is hitting again
    it's time for the win

    On the way back home
    T-shirt vendors hawk their wares
    "Five dollah hats heah"