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    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Sox 6/Marlins 1

    Figures I was at the 499th consecutively sold out game because last night they gave away goodies for the 500th sold out game. Story of my life... oh well, we got a Papi homerun and other wonderful highlights that night. Last night's victory was a fresh taste of comfort as I gear up for work insanity over the next couple of weeks. Also, with a new car coming into my life I need to find an appropriate Sox emblem to go along with my RS plates. If only they made a Red Sox fish emblem.....

    I went the wrong night
    no presents for me except
    a big win and fun

    Will a run walk in?
    Happened last night after all
    Instead a single.

    Pap's intense again
    throwing hot cheese at batters
    falling down like leaves