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    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Braves 8/Sox 2

    What should have been an interesting match up turned into a disaster with the first pitch. It happens sometimes - the breaks go to the other team and it was one of those nights. What struck me when they pulled Dice-K was that in Little League we tell kids on the mound: you have 7 players behind you, just throw strikes and let them do their jobs. But a couple of odd bounces, weird directions off the wall and such made me wonder if that's really the right advice to give to kids?


    It's Dice-K versus
    Kawakami so far it's
    a good one on tap

    We tell pitchers that
    the whole team is behind them
    I guess not tonight

    Bay got us on board
    Big Papi sat us back down
    perhaps it's a start?