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    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Sox 5/Phillies 2

    I learned today that the twitter feed scrolls accordingly, so I will repost my game haiku the next day starting today. Enjoy. If anyone's interested in the older ones, let me know. My husband decided I needed to take a break from baseball and convinced me to go out for the evening. We ended up at a local mall, where I was forced to follow the game via Sportacular and's game day programs. It wasn't pretty. At least I got home in time to watch the extra inning 5-2 win over Philly.

    Husband says to me/you need a break from baseball/hooray for wi-fi
    In the Apple store/Game Day on a MacBook Pro/not ideal but works
    So close to a win/now it's a tie in the ninth/lets win red sox NOW