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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Sox 11/Nationals 3

    Boston returned to DC in interleague play against the Washington Nationals in their new stadium. It is a beautiful stadium with an ugly team. I was in DC when the Nats were about to enter into their first season this side of the border and the excitement was huge. Unfortunately we're still dealing with the Expos and Expos mentality, thus they have managed to disappoint to the point of thanking the baseball deities for this chance to allow the worst team in the MLB to be trounced by one of the best in the MLB. For once there were bodies in the seat, even if the results were close to a normal night at the ball park in DC.

    The fact those bodies were Bostonians who realized it was cheaper to fly to DC, stay a couple of days and catch a couple of Sox games is beside the fact. At least the Nats hung in there for a little bit before waving the flag of surrender.

    Sox playing the Nats
    first time in the Nats new park
    too bad the Nats suck

    It's Red Sox Nation
    They're loud, proud and in da house
    it's cheaper than home

    Wells is trying hard
    but mimicking Pap's stare
    isn't quite enough

    Jason Bay is great
    Theo needs to sign him NOW
    no ifs ands or buts