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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Sox 4/Orioles 0

    Interleague play is FINALLY over. Look it should happen twice a season: the All Star Game and World Series. Period. End of Discussion. Leaving behind Atlanta, the Sox rolled into Fenway South, Camden Yards in Baltimore. Amid the loud chants of "Let's Go Red Sox" with it's rhythmic clap, the Sox showed no mercy as they rolled over the O's.

    It was a night of steals and Eck heard a new phrase that he had fun with all evening. Long gone was talk of cheese and salad. Instead it was all about "don't get your finger stuck in the socket..." meaning, he guessed, don't get uptight or nervous.

    For me, it was a joy to have Eck back in the booth, the win was just salad with some heat.


    Pedroia steals one
    the Sox second steal tonight
    balk puts him on third

    Ellsbury can't stop
    he has a second steal now
    and he's not done yet

    Scoring from second
    Jacoby comes around third
    another run scored

    A new phrase for Eck
    finger stuck in the socket
    cheese is forgotten.