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    Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Sox 6/Nationals 4

    I'm starting to think the perhaps the Nationals are the Tampa Bay Rays of the National League. They gave us a good run for the money and both nights it only took one mistake to open things up for us. Still, it was a good game and a good win.

    Earlier in the day I was in a shopping mall where a kid was wearing a Pedroia jersey. He told me he was his favorite player and I said I was betting he was good for a couple of home runs. Of course he didn't (last night) but there's still tonight.

    Of course they scored one of their runs on a freak play when the bat and ball flew at Nick Green and he hung in there until the last moment. I have to say it was a bit sobering seeing the bat sticking out of the ground where it impaled the sod knowing that could have been a piece of Green, but we recovered and Papi made them pay.


    So I told a kid
    Pedroia is good for two
    I hope I'm right

    Bat and ball flying
    Nick Green tries to stay on it
    thank G-d he's not hurt!

    Papi's back in town
    and announcing it loudly
    three to one Red Sox

    Captain my captain
    I sing your praises again
    a great two run shot