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    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Oh my... I got caught up ...

    and haven't been posting. Right now the Yanks are in town for their last game of this series. I didn't post from the Toronto series or the shellacking we took Friday or the one we gave on Saturday... so here they all are. I promise to be more vigilant in the future.


    to the Pedroias on the
    birth of their first son.

    Big Papi knows that
    actions speak louder than words
    two nothing Boston

    Jason Bay will not
    be out done by Big Papi
    seven three Boston

    Are the Sox getting
    ready for the next chapter
    of the Sox-Yanks feud?

    Did the Sox give up?
    Francona looks distracted
    time to play small ball

    Sox take lead on a
    bad bunt and cheap shot but I'm
    not proud, I'll take it

    Papelbon needs to
    keep his head in the game or
    Sox will be in deep

    Better lucky than
    good tonight but I'll take it
    we needed the win


    No haiku tonight
    it's too hot and I'm cranky
    so let's go Red Sox

    Jerry Remy is
    coming back, which deserves a
    haiku. Welcome back. :)

    Oh one more haiku
    Buchholz looked like a pitcher
    letting the balls fly

    Yankees 20 - Sox 11

    Yankees back in town
    Remdawg's in the booth tonight
    rain rain go away

    Jacoby does it
    he steals second and ties the
    Sox record. Good Job

    Not surprisingly
    Penny just doesn't have it
    get a clue Theo

    No magic pixie
    dust needed, the Sox need som
    solid hitting now


    Sox 14-Yankees 1

    Ortiz monster run
    welcomes me home. And a piece
    of McCarver died.

    Jason Bay welcomes
    me home as well with one in
    the bullpen. Thank you.

    McCarver is lost
    he can't declare the Yankees
    winners in the sixth

    Pedroia reminds
    FOX Sports he's an MVP
    to McCarver's pain

    So Youk's last home run
    was his penultimate one
    so far in the game.

    I wish Remy was
    calling the game today as
    he's not a homer

    Youk hits a double
    is McCarver relieved it's
    not another run?

    Nini's at Fenway
    I'm at home in the AC
    and we're both happy

    Looks like it's about
    to pour in Boston, hurry
    Sox, get the third out!

    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    Sox 8/Rangers 4

    The Wild Card race is on and we came in 1/2 a game ahead of Texas. So this series is a must win. For most of the game, the Sox trailed until the bats woke up and we pulled it up in the end. The end result was a win for us after Victor Martinez turned things around.

    In the mean time, Peabody, MA little league won today's New England final to represent at Williamsport with a walk off grand slam. Good job guys. I knew you'd pull it out after pulling it out a couple of times against Newton Central Little League.

    Frank Viola is
    in the booth tonight with Don
    let's see how it goes

    Lester needs to find
    a rhythm, a stride, something
    since we need this win

    Red Sox Nation makes
    itself heard in Arlington
    just because we can

    Millwood is done
    as Big Papi steps into
    the box. A hit please.

    Big Papi comes through
    tying the score int he sixth
    we go us a game

    Damn! So close and yet
    a huge out. Buchholz is NOT
    a pinch runner. Damn!

    Martinez does it!
    A big, dig double to lead
    go all the way Bay!

    JD Drew goes deep
    to double the lead now
    another wild ride


    Good job Peabody!
    Walk off grand slam for the win

    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Sox/Tigers wrap up

    Life is what happens when you're busy making plans... at least that's what John Lennon has to say on the subject.

    Some highlights - well, the BIG highlight was Youk finally losing it and charging the mound. He's been suspended 5 games and should be rejoining us by Tuesday when we hit Toronto. The Sox are in Texas right now and they are facing their rivals for the wild card slot. If we take the series, then it's that much better for us as we start to look to the post-season.

    The other big news was the return of Remy. The Remdawg made a visit to the park and spoke openly about his battle with depression after dealing with cancer. If I had been there, I would have hugged him and thanked him for being so honest. Today Dick Flavin, who was at the park, told me the applause lasted the entire time between the sides changing up. I admit I love Eck in the booth - but I miss Remy and will be glad to see him return.

    I only caught the ninth inning of Thursday's day game due to work and obligations... but I'm in and ready for tonight in Texas. Let's go Red Sox.

    So here are the wrap ups from the week:

    Sox 7/Tigers 5

    Tazawa looks lost
    if Green doesn't screw him up
    he should do OK

    The message to Youk
    was crystal clear, so was his
    response: piss off punk

    Dear Detroit thank you
    for lighting a fire under
    the Red Sox's asses

    Mr. Toad's wild ride
    Fenway editions is still
    in motion: by boss

    Tazawa is now
    finding his stride, two punch outs
    in a row, good job.

    Mike Lowell's message:
    kiss that ball good bye sucker
    I've got Youk's back pal

    Three up and three down
    Tazawa is doing his
    best to hold the lead

    Lowell decides to
    add a PS: by the way
    apologize ... NOW

    The game is back on
    the rain has moved plast the park
    the message: play ball!

    Sox 8/Tigers 2

    Sometimes I wonder
    if arm chair coaches
    like Lowell again

    Trying to take out
    Pedroia now? Is Detroit
    that scared of the Sox?

    Big Papi is up
    I wonder if he will pull
    the ball? A single!

    I love you Jerry
    thank you for talking about
    your ordeal. YOU ROCK

    I think Granderson
    will be glad to leave Fenway
    after tonight's game.

    The Oki Dokie
    seems to be pulling just right
    two down, one to go.

    A ten strik out night
    last week's nay sayers must be
    pulling their hair out

    Detroit 2/Sox 0

    Finally watching
    bottom of the ninth and we
    need a miracle

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Sox 6/Tigers 5

    It was a good game. Penny didn't have a complete meltdown in the fifth and DelCarmen got himself out of a pinch. For me one of the highlights was the realization that Don Orsillo is now saying things like "paint" and "cheese with hair on it..." so Eck is having a good influence on him in the booth. We took the W and the Yanks were handed an L by the Jays - that's a good thing when you're a Sox Girl. 'Nuf Ced.

    Eck is in the booth
    not Remy as rumored but
    at least it's not Dave

    Can the Sox climb from
    this deep pit they find themselves
    at the bottom of?

    Pedroia gives u
    a reason to cheer and breathe
    with a monster run

    Did Orsillo just
    say paint? I can't believe it!
    Well done Eck, well done.

    Red Sox short stop curse
    Nick Green woudl disagree with
    one out of the park

    So now it begins
    the Penny implosion in
    the fifth like always.

    Jason Bay lets go
    for his twenty second run
    making me happy

    I have to resist
    "Bring me a shrubbery" when
    ever they say "Ni."

    Another starter's
    win floats on the night breeze and
    out of the ball park

    Even in the night
    the sun shines bright at Fenway
    whenever we lead.

    It's hairy cheeseball
    time for Papelbon I hope
    he can just hold on

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Yanks sweep Sox

    While the baseball fan inside of me knows better, the little girl who dreams of the Sox is broken right now. Yes, we still lead the Sox/Yanks series 8-4, but the losses were painful. There were two games so well pitched it wasn't funny... the type of game where you feel like there shouldn't be a loser even though you know there has to be. Whether it was the 15 inning opus on Friday or the nine inning battle lost in the 8th, they were losses that stabbed you in the heart with a stiletto heel before stomping on your throat. It was made worse having to watch the games on Fox Sports and ESPN over the weekend.

    We saw the end of John Smoltz's career on Thursday night; a beautiful pitchers' battle between Josh Beckett and A J Burnett, Daniel Bard's implosion... so many notable moments.



    Ugly night so far
    TV kicked to Burn Notice
    Maybe it's a hint?

    I'll give Smoltz this much
    when he collapses, he
    really collapses.

    Following the game
    on Sportacular tonight
    it's more than enough

    Like a spurned suitor
    the Sox are late to the dance
    let's pick up the pace.

    Perhaps it's the Yanks
    turn tonight, but I never
    count the Red Sox out.

    Ah John Smoltz, you lose
    again. How long until you
    just give up for good?

    Friday August 7:

    A rubber chicken
    dinner instead of the game
    life as a parent.

    I must check the score
    so discreetly under the
    table: tied at nil

    Beckett is pitching
    duelling Burnett. I hope
    the Sox edge ahead.

    I wonder, should I
    have smuggled a radio
    to listen now?

    The last group is up
    soon I'll be going home and
    listen in the car.

    Yanks leave them loaded
    Posada then interferes
    I need a TV

    Burnett tired first
    New York reaches for the pen
    here's hoping they fold

    Beckett's done also
    it's Oki's turn now to go
    for the hopeful win

    Another extra
    innings game and I'm fading
    fast will I make it?


    My custom is to
    when the game's on Fox

    I believe in the
    Red Sox today, yesterday
    and tomorrow too.

    Another dry heave
    inning for the sox. I hope
    Clay can handle it.

    The no hitter's done
    now the question becomes can
    Clay Buchholz go deep?

    Is Tim McCarver
    psychic? He just called the win
    in the sixth inning.

    Ramirez is out?
    Really? That makes zero sense.
    What's up the ump's ass?

    The Sox lose again
    I still believe but right now
    I just feel sickened.



    In the Big Apple
    the Sox face the Yanks again
    let's go Jon Lester

    Bay is back tonight
    I hope he's up tot he task
    we really need him

    A bright spot tonigh
    El Tiante in the booth
    please, please let him stay

    Is it me or does
    Joe Morgan sound like Cleveland
    from Family Guy?

    Finally! A game
    recap from the announcers
    please come back NESN

    Do you think maybe
    the announcers looked up and
    said, "Hey a game's on!"

    It was time to get
    serious and the window
    closed again. Oy Veh!

    Perhaps it is time
    to say "Fuck Jobu" to wake
    up the Red Sox bats.

    What sweet swing to
    take the lead Martinez you
    have restored my faith

    There goes Lester's win
    in the New York night followed
    by Bard's broken heart

    I want to vomit.
    Between this inning and the
    announcers, not fun

    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Rays 4/Sox 2

    What a wild night at the trop! We lost in the 14th inning... don't start me. Personally, I want tonight to be quick, tidy and a big-ass WIN for the Sox


    Pena what a play!
    while I prefer a Youk hit
    that was poetry

    JD Drew swings hard
    the ball flies back halting short
    of the wall - third out

    Oki stands in now
    Lester halting after six
    time for the bull pen

    Bases are loaded
    the score is tied, the battle
    truly begins now

    Ramirez? I think
    Houdini is more like it
    onto eleventh

    @leonnea Dave Roberts just puts
    me to sleep no matter what
    time the game is on

    13?! Really guys
    it's time for bed not ball now
    so finish it up

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Sox 18/O's 10

    What a game. This was one of those things that just highlighted the difference between two Sox pitchers: Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. Lester was on the way to being an OK starter when he spent a little time with Curt Schilling who taught him how to be a better pitcher by taking notes and keeping his head in the game. Buchholz was on the road to be a phenom when he fizzled and died after that no-hitter because he still has that "but I was blessed by the baseball fairies at birth...." sort of think going. While I would have rather have seen him instead of Masterson go, the Indians weren't stupid and took the better man.

    When he gave up 6 runs in the third inning, almost blowing a 7 run lead his team gave him, I began to wonder how loudly you have to yell before they can hear you on the other side of the TV screen.

    The score is more of a football score - it was a ridiculous game. One of the highlights for me was the haiku battle I had with an O's fan at one point. In the end, I was glad for the off day, I don't know about the team but I certainly needed a rest.


    Wrapping up today
    at Fenway South. I'm sure the
    O's are glad we're gone

    Reddick's first home run
    quite a feat, especially
    with a bloody nose

    Not again Buccholtz
    look kid, you're not Curt Schilling
    so just be yourself

    Victor does his part
    straight up the middle for a hit
    C'mon Youk, make me smile

    the offense steps up
    giving Buchholtz a secon
    chance. Don't blow it Clay!

    I'm scared, if I go
    for my run now, we will lose
    the lead once again

    When you listen to
    your catcher things roll much
    more smoothly Manny

    It's 16 to 9
    Dammit REd Sox time to
    get a freakin' grip

    Baltimore has its
    own language just like Eck does
    Ole? Whatever.

    Letsgoorioles writes:
    the is not fenway south the place is called camden yards and Baltimore!!!!

    Oh you poor O's fan
    40,000 sox fans would
    disagree with you

    We win once again
    now a much needed day off
    next stop Tampa Bay

    Sunday, August 2, 2009

    Sox 4/Orioles 0

    I feel like we're having a lot of "deja vue" scores with the O's. Last night was truly the night of double plays and it saved Beckett's backside. Of course when I look at Beckett all I can think of is the team is like a toddler looking at an uncle or familiar face yelling, "Joshie UP!" when they've fallen for whatever reason.

    Last night was Victor Martinez's debut in a Sox uniform, and like an over anxious puppy he accidentally peed on the rug with some botched plays and bad swings. Once he got the paper across the nose, he settled down for a good RBI and some solid fielding at first. It's hard, a new time and a new philosophy and unlike Jason Bay who stepped right in to take over where Manny left off, he had some jitters. It happens and I'm sure after this he will be just fine.

    Josh Reddick got his first big league hit: a double. He hit a couple of them last night, a nice way to start your career in the big league. I expect he'll be around for a while, which is nice.

    Time for a shameless plug and request:
    At any rate, I am spreading my haiku as best I can ... if you read this, please RSS, DIG and otherwise pass my haiku on and share the love. Subscribe to my twitter (Karlsie) and let the world know.


    Another game at
    Fenway South tonight and it's
    one-nothing Boston

    Josh Reddick's first hit
    a strong double to center
    a great souvenir

    I hope Martinez
    can catch the feckless knuckler
    it's a tall order.

    Martinez must be
    nervous, botching routine plays
    he's trying too hard.

    First hit for Victor
    an RBI single to
    bring Jacoby home

    Another feckless
    inning for the Orioles
    Sox on top three-nill

    Saturday, August 1, 2009

    Sox 6/Orioles 5

    Well, in spite of Smoltz's best efforts, we won. I know, I know... give him time... blah, blah, blah. It's no secret I was never enamored with the deals that added Smoltz and Penny to our starting rotation. I don't believe the reports of Dice-K bad mouthing Sox management, it's just not within the Japanese culture or character to criticize management.

    So here we are without Halladay but with Martinez to bolster our offensive. It's a good start, but I'm not positive it's enough. I still believe we have what it takes to extend summer right up until Halloween, but it won't be without a cost. If nothing else, Martinez covers some holes in the dyke with more than a finger to stick in the hole to hold off the freezing water.

    Tonight is Martinez's debut and he's hitting in the 3 spot... let's see what happens.


    The sox are apt to
    spend some time adjusting to
    all the trades today

    Around the horn a
    chain reaction starts: Lowell
    down the line to first

    JD Drew is hurt
    this time a strain, he's apt to
    hurt himself a lot

    Papi sends one deep
    the crowd at Fenwy South cheer
    he's apt to do that

    Ellsbury jumps high
    to save Smoltz's backside again
    good job Jacoby

    Youk's Papi homage
    at the plate was quite touching
    and subtle. Good Job.

    Friday, July 31, 2009

    Sox 8/A's 5

    All any one could talk about was Papi testing positive in 2003. What really ground my gears though was a simple tweet from Ken Rosenthal. Look, I get it, the Fox Sports crew hate the Sox - I don't like it and it pisses me off when I have to listen to them but I sort of accept it as collateral damage while thanking my lucky stars I get to watch games with Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy (or, whomever is partnered with Orsillo while Remy's out on medical leave).

    Rosenthal asked: "Is any1 surprised anymore 2 learn a star player tested positive? Maybe Sox fans will pipe down about A-Rod. Every team had users."

    Here's the thing Ken - putting professionalism aside (something you do when you sell your soul to Fox), when "reporting" you need to lay off the fans and report FACTS. Guilty or not, you posted an opinion rather than reporting a fact and that act alone pisses me off. Even as an opinion columnist, I kept tried to keep that in check.

    Dice-K's mea culpa ... news. Sox stopping their slide... news. Speculation about Papi, until I read the reports, innuendo. Just like I didn't spit on Bonds or Clemens until the facts were clear, neither will I spit on Papi. In the meantime... if I give you a buck will you buy a clue or at least look up the definition of "reporter" in a reputable dictionary?

    Papi's 3 run homer so the Sox took the lead was the medicine the nation needed yesterday. In the mean time: up yours Fox Sports.


    MLB on Fox
    word about your Sox comments:

    Youk makes me happy
    what a way to get a hit
    double by the sun

    Here comes Big Papi
    such a long shadow now cast
    from a long time past

    Take that Rosenthal
    Papi still has it and we
    will ALWAYS love him

    Papelbon looks good
    but will this hit rattle him
    or a double play?

    Dustin Pedroia
    all I can do is yell: YES
    just what a great catch

    Hoist the ball high
    Ellsbury breaks the streak with
    another great catch

    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Oakland: Kicks/Sox ass

    Look, there's no hiding the ugly truth, we just had 2 epic fails in a row. Papelbon blow a three run lead in the ninth? Inconceivable! I mean even the worst Sox hater must have been in shock over that. Penny give up 5 runs in the first? Inconceivable! Last night I was waiting for Andre the Giant to say, "I do not think that word means what you think it does...."

    It was putrid to say the least. I love my team, I am committed through good times and bad, for better or worse. I am used to such things over the years but it still hurts and I had nightmares all night about Brad Penny's pitching.

    Now the news about Ortiz... I guess those weren't unicorn tears in those eye drops. Are any of us really surprised?

    /rant on/ But Rosenthal's comments on MLB on Fox are unprofessional. I get it, the guys on Fox Sports are Yankees fans but dammit, you're journalists. Even back when I wrote for, I didn't randomly bash the evil empire (although I took delight in their low points) I kept the homer-ism to a minimum. I hadn't realized how subdued I was until my son said to me, "Even though you hate the Yankees, you're are insanely fair in pointing out when they make a good play or do well." Because you know what Mr. Rosenthal, that's what JOURNALISTS do. Even in my opinion column days I tried to remember I was a journalist first and tempered my work from there.

    /end rant/

    At any rate... back to 17 syllables of poetry over the last couple of games:

    Rice's number retired
    with much pomp and circumstance
    you deserve it Jim

    Is there Eckersley
    bingo or dictionary?
    I have "Lollipop"

    Buchholz managed five
    the kid just doesn't have it.
    Maybe as a Cub?

    Don will never strain
    his oblique in the booth yes
    his tongue. Oblique, no.

    Sox get another
    seven to five Boston leads
    we need three more outs

    Papelbon blown save?!
    So much for Buchholz's win.
    Damn your arm Nick Green.


    I just can't take it
    even Eck can't ease my pain
    Terry make it stop

    Just what do you say?
    Don't sweat it Brad? Shake it off?
    Dude you sucked dead goats?

    Proof I'm a Sox fan?
    I'm still watching and praying.
    Mike, thank you for hope

    Son has a theory:
    if Penny throws bad tonight
    he won't be traded.

    Pumpkin time for me
    nightmares await me tonight
    Penny, you broke my heart.

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    Sox 8/A's 3

    Let us not discuss Schmoltz.

    Last night the A's rolled through and we regained our stride, giving us a reminder of why we are fans in spite of the darker days and deals. Theo's brewing up a magical brew of unicorn's tears, speculation, leather orbs and who knows what else. It should be unleashed around 4pm Friday afternoon and then we can settle in for the rest of the season.


    I leave Charlie's and
    the score was one to nothing
    now it's six nothing

    A eulogy for
    Oakland would be premature
    even if needed

    Okland's eulogy:
    they came to Boston and played
    as well as they could

    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    Sox 3/Orioles 1

    Last night was pretty prolific and someone wrote a response haiku as well... so keep the cards and letters coming fans. :) It was a good game that found me screaming at the TV when things happened like Tek's RBI single and the Markakis/Ellsbury shoot out (and what a play, even if Jacoby was out). There was Mike Lowell's catch in the press pit by Baltimore's dug out and then Papelbon letting the bases load up before getting the third out for the save. I'm lucky my nails are still in tact and it reminded me yet again why I don't go for manicures during baseball season unless something special's happening.

    Just another day in the life of a Sox fan.


    What is with the Sox
    they look defeated tonight
    perhaps trade rumors?

    Ellie029's response:
    No it's not the trade
    they have sucked for a long time
    home was meant to help.

    my response:
    Not a long time but
    more like midseason slump
    they'll pick up soon

    Mike Lowell on first
    with his George Clooney good looks
    oh the ribald thoughts!

    Penny gets stung hard
    he says he's OK but should
    I breath easily?

    Lowell makes the catch
    hugs the camera smiling
    then displays the ball

    Ellsbury is fast
    but Markakis is faster
    he's out at home plate

    What a ribald play!
    Speed versus power running
    we lost that battle

    Mr. Papelbon
    your job is to get three outs
    not build the drama

    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Texas Sweeps Sox

    It was just a depressing series... do I really need to recap?


    John Smoltz on the mound
    looking to take down Texas
    he'll need run support

    Millwood reaches out
    pulling Pedroia's ball from
    thin air for the out

    Tek slams the ball hard
    in comes Drew, here comes Lowell
    slightly askew.... OUT

    Once again the game
    goes quickly askew for us
    another bad night

    Another sad loss
    a disappointing result
    c'mon Sox wake up

    Sox are on the board
    with a solid Youk single
    here comes Big Papi!

    Papi tries a bunt?
    and sometimes it's better to
    be lucky than good

    Let's hope we turn it around now that we're home and facing Baltimore. *sigh*

    Sunday, July 19, 2009


    Another busy weekend where baseball is secondary.  Friday was a date night for dinner and Harry Potter in the premium cinema.  Saturday we lost 6-2 and Sunday I had to work - which means sneaking in game day from the floor.

    For those of you who actually follow me on Twitter - the tags are as follow: #haiku #haikuchallenge (using the challenge word of the day in a haiku) and #redsox.  I have discovered there are #eck (Dennis Eckersley) #yankeessuck and other tags... those are less frequent but I am now tagging my tweets.

    In order from Friday:

    I have to wonder
    will Buchholz post a zero
    in the hit column


    The roof is open
    the crowd is settling in
    it's time for baseball

    What kind of heathen
    has no vowels in his name?
    the Blue Jays scare me

    A New York heathen
    tried to tell me the Yankees don't suck.
    they are wrong.

    The Blue Jays now lead
    Penny's not on the money
    I do wonder why

    My Red Sox buddy
    has runn off to her food dish
    fickle heathen cat

    They stopped reading
    Youk's lips when an "F" bomb flew
    learned from Eck's mistakes

    my break falls during the gae
    is it game time yet?

    Break schedule changed
    My anticipation for
    naught, no game for me

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    Sox 6/ Royals 0

    Last game before the all star break happened the same day we decided to go see Tall Ships hanging in Boston Harbor. That meant listening "old school" on an AM radio.

    Well, actually listening to WRKO's broadcast over the XM in the car because the signal kept acting up without the XM. It seemed perfect as it was a perfect ball game day as well. When we stopped for ice cream and there was no radio, I found the ice cream place had wireless so I could follow the game on my iPod Touch.


    Listening old school
    on an AM radio
    on a summer day

    This sunny Sunday
    all talk is the all star game.
    What about today?

    Game between tall ships
    boats and baseball, does it get
    much better than this?

    Bottom of seventh
    I wirelessly follow
    the synchronous play

    No visual game
    it was a radio day
    for this Beckett gem.

    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Sox 15/Royals 9

    OK... I came to the party late tonight. I missed the early fireworks and Smoltz's part in his first win. The person who insisted that time was nature's way of keeping everything happening at once is a liar. But I started listening in the car as KC began to threaten in the sixth. They stuck a fork in Masterson because he was done and brought in DelCarmen. KC threatened some more and suddenly an 8 run lead to start the inning was reduced to the point of Joe Castiglione's voice saying through the static, "The tying run is at the plate..." Fortunately Oki took us out of the inning with a 3 run lead.

    Things went back and forth a little - KC threatened, Sox responded with a smattering of hits liberally dosed with a ton of good luck. In the end we won and the score suggests maybe we were tossing a pigskin around the field instead of swatting at leather - but a win's a win and it's always exciting to watch a kid just called up get his first hit - which has an RBI attached to it.

    If nothing else, let's hope the Royals learned one thing: stop walking players to get to the next guy. I doesn't work well with the Sox when they're running hot and last night they were scalding.

    For those of you following my twitter feed, you may have noticed some new tags. I've been told that there are some active haiku tags I should add so now I try to remember to add #haiku. The other one is #haikuchallenge. This is someone who declares what the "challenge" word of the day is. The other day it was "frisson." Last night it was "response."

    I'm out and about
    we have a humungous lead
    later, not so much

    The bull pen is fried
    Jason Bay's respons: a double
    bringing hope with it.

    Papi out at home
    the ball at first: overthrown
    Bay scores from second.

    Walking Kotsay? Dumb.
    Loading the bases? Really?
    Green's response: priceless.

    Ellsbury drives one
    he steals second just for fun
    now a walk to Tek.

    Bates sends a response.
    RBI single for now
    his first big league hit.

    The Sox bat around
    second time tonight but now
    the rain is falling.

    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    Sox 1/Royals 0

    The problem with working a closing shift on game night is... well, you don't get to watch the game. Sure you can sneak in some peaks at the score on Sportacular and other apps, but for the most part the game is as foreign as criciket when you're working a retail floor.

    I caught a bit on game day live during my break, but the animation is no substitute for the game.


    Sox on game day live
    is not the same as watching
    the game live at home

    Teahen is on first
    "Please," I pray in frantic breaths
    turn the double play

    XM in the car
    after coming out of work
    Sox win. I missed it.

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    KC 8/Sox 6

    What had the promise of a great beginning quickly soured as Brad Penny began to tire and Manny DelCarmen's nerves kicked in. The night was not a total loss as Papi hit a milestone 300th homerun. I fear that any haiku tonight will be few and far between as I traded shifts with someone so that I could attend the Great Fenway Park Writers Series luncheon. Bill Keller, the executive editor of the NYT, spoke about Nelson Mandela... not the newspaper industry. One of the highlights was Dick Flavin, the poet laureate of Red Sox Nation got up to literally sing the praises of Dominic DiMaggio.

    Of course the occasion could not go unnoted. :)

    Fenway Writers lunch
    Dick Flavin sings praises of
    Dom DiMaggio

    Last night I also took part in the Haiku challenge of using the word frisson in a haiku. I am proud to say I did so ... twice.

    Pedroia runs home
    and the Red Sox take the lead
    add to it Papi!

    Papi lifts it up
    it sours through the early night
    300 - so good!

    Brad Penny seems spent
    tonight his timing is off
    will he blow the lead?

    Pig Papi's homer
    met reaction of frisson
    from Fenway faithful

    Slip a high fast ball?
    Oh no, not past Pedroia
    he's too good for that.

    Earlier frisson
    has melted into ennue
    Fenway is quiet

    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    Sox 5/A's 4

    The A's left town defeated but not without a fight. They never gave up and people need to give them credit for that. They put on the shift, robbed us of hits and never let things get away from them.

    A friend called during the evening, so I ended up watching the game with while explaining some of what was happening. It's tough when you're not a baseball fan and just trying to understand. I get it.

    In the end, we took the series, which we needed, and are now facing KC - one of those teams that you sort of wish could return to their glory days. I'm hoping for a good set of games against them and reporting back to Greg & Suzy, who are true blue Royals fans.

    I love you guys dearly but I still want to smoke the Royals like a turkey. I can't help it, I'm a sox girl. 'Nuf Ced. ;)


    Wakefield's knuckle ball
    dips, slides and wiggles around
    confusing batters.

    Eck's commentary
    is always quite amusing
    tonight's is as well.

    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    Sox 5/A's 2

    After another day of funky weather in Boston, the game got rolling with Beckett throwing another good one. It didn't look good to start when, in the first inning, the A's planted one in the monsters to lead temporarily. We got it back with a Jason Bay home run and then a series of good runs and plays - it was a good game. And I so enjoy a good one.


    Already the A's
    take an early lead tonight
    Sox go in order

    Tied by Jason Bay
    home run to the monsters
    no cheese slips past him.

    The Sox take the lead
    with Papi's mighty double
    and follow up hits

    Sox are on top still
    A's brough in Breslow to pitch
    Hey Sox: More runs please!!

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    A's 6/Sox 0

    It was a picture perfect day - summer had finally come to Boston with Nomar #5's return. The excitement was palatable and the standing ovation spoke volumes. But in the end, it was not Boston's night at all. I walked out of the room to flip laundry and cook dinner only to come back in and see us trailing. Not a good situation at all.

    Pedroia was a late scratch as he was ordered by Francona to stay by his very pregnant wife's side. The alien clone that had taken Lugo's place seems to have returned to the mother ship and in the end it was just a sad evening to be a sox fan because, in the end, Oakland smoked us bad! Today's papers were all about how Nomah is hoping to return to Boston to finish his career as member of the Red Sox. I would like that. After all, what choice do we have? Julio Lugo?


    Nomah number five
    is back home in Boston
    I hope he strikes out

    Standing ovation
    for Nomar at Fenway now
    still he grounded out

    I just went away
    to flip laundry and cook food
    so what happened Sox?!!!

    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Seattle takes 2 out of 3

    The games were Seattle 7/Boston 6 (Friday night); Seattle 3/Boston 2 (Saturday) and Boston 8/Seattle 4 for the weekend series.

    Some highlights of the games included Sean Casey in the booth with Don Orsillo trying his hand at broadcast journalism. (Sean, you need some minor league gigs to learn how to loosen up the way Eck naturally does.) One of the problems was Casey falling into the old stalwart of bizarre statistical analysis of games in June on Fridays after a month of rainfall when the wind is blowing in a particular direction for someone who bats 6th in the order type of statistical gymnastics. When you have do those sorts of things, you're trying too hard.

    Jason Bay became a US citizen, which lead to overlong discussions about whether or not US born citizens could pass the citizenship test (I got a 90% when I took it online... it would have been 100% but I second guessed myself on Woodrow Wilson). There was a lot of talk of Remy's possible return "sooner than you think" (thank heavens, even if I will miss Eck's talk of salad, cheese, fingers in sockets and such) and lots of celebrities paraded in and out of the booth.

    Saturday was disappointing. One rule in baseball is a constant: one bad pitch can ruin your day (if you're the pitcher) or make it (if you're the hitter). Saito learned what it was like to have a bad day.

    Sunday, after a weekend of celebrating the fourth, I just didn't have it in me to follow the games via haiku. I am back tonight though (after I make some linguini and clam sauce for dinner). So here is the round up of Friday and Saturday's observations:

    Friday Mariners 7/Sox 6

    Baseball announcers
    are funny about their stats
    Friday games in June?

    Bay officially
    is a US citizen
    it's Canada's loss

    We're in extra frames
    praying for another win
    will Ortiz walk off?

    Saturday Mariners 3/Sox 2

    Fourth of July game
    played during the afternoon
    the way it should be.

    I said to the cat
    Tek needs a monster home run
    he must have heard me.

    NO! The game is tied
    I worry around now:
    can we pull it out?

    Aardsma makes quick work
    one tow three, down in order
    yet another loss.

    Saturday, July 4, 2009

    Sox 6/Orioles 5

    Well, I'm a little behind (damn off day) but we finished up in Baltimore by pulling a, well, Baltimore. We came from a 5 run deficit to win it by in the 11th by, of all people, Julio Lugo! I wonder, was it to make him more attractive for a trade or trying desperately to keep from being traded? Either way, at least he earned his check the other day.

    I prefer the theory that Lugo was kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a clone. I mean, how can you not love a good clone conspiracy theory? Really.

    Now this was a day game and NESN rebroadcasted at 7pm. Many people were unaware it was a day game. I chose to treat it like it was live only because I missed the game (I was working) and I figure after a long day, who doesn't like to kick back and watch the game?

    Tough night for Beckett
    the O's lead and we can't score
    perhaps we'll come back.

    Beckett finds his stride
    now some run support will help
    maybe we can win

    Mighty Youkilis
    he drives one deep to right field
    could we be spoilers?

    Hey! Bases loaded
    look who's up, it's a home run
    hitter so back up!

    Ellsubry is fast.
    The alien Lugo clone
    drives Jacoby home.

    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Orioles 11/Sox 10

    What a frustrating game. We went to a rain delay with a nine run lead only to lose in the ninth. What a difference a couple of innings can make. But the next time my husband says, "They've got enough of a lead, let's watch..." I'm going to remind him of what every real fan knows: it's the Red Sox, it's never over until it's over.

    Smoltz didn't get to finish and the rain delay came 3 outs too early, otherwise they might have called it for the Sox and sent everyone home instead of waiting it out. But, in the end, it was Baltimore's night to come from behind and shine.


    Loading the bases
    hoping Papi is off
    seven on Boston

    A brush back for Tek
    did it or did it not hit?
    Off to take first base.

    Here comes the rain now
    a delay in Baltimore
    will Smoltz finish it?

    Players on the field
    three quick outs to start the 5th
    if the rain holds out.

    Oops there are three outs
    to an inning, not just two
    back on the field boys

    It's a one run game
    how the hell did that happen?
    Stupid freakin' O's

    Five in the seventh
    Five more in the eighth inning
    Baltimore did it.

    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Sox 4/Orioles 0

    Interleague play is FINALLY over. Look it should happen twice a season: the All Star Game and World Series. Period. End of Discussion. Leaving behind Atlanta, the Sox rolled into Fenway South, Camden Yards in Baltimore. Amid the loud chants of "Let's Go Red Sox" with it's rhythmic clap, the Sox showed no mercy as they rolled over the O's.

    It was a night of steals and Eck heard a new phrase that he had fun with all evening. Long gone was talk of cheese and salad. Instead it was all about "don't get your finger stuck in the socket..." meaning, he guessed, don't get uptight or nervous.

    For me, it was a joy to have Eck back in the booth, the win was just salad with some heat.


    Pedroia steals one
    the Sox second steal tonight
    balk puts him on third

    Ellsbury can't stop
    he has a second steal now
    and he's not done yet

    Scoring from second
    Jacoby comes around third
    another run scored

    A new phrase for Eck
    finger stuck in the socket
    cheese is forgotten.

    Monday, June 29, 2009

    Braves 2/Sox 1

    There's nothing like being at a road race and the announcer stupidly throws in a Sox reference. Since the weather in Boston on Sunday was sketchy, when the DJ played "Sweet Caroline," the announcer called out, "So do you think the Sox will get their game in today?" It's bad when the Yankees fan I was standing with yelled out, "They're in Atlanta today jerk..."


    Still, we failed to sweep the Braves. I know it happens but it would have been nice. At least Cap'n Tek brought me some hope in the ninth even if it died with Ellsbury with the next at bat.


    Brad Penny singles?
    No, a Chipper Jones error.
    OK, that makes sense.

    Roberts in the booth
    his voice lulls me off to sleep
    in the eighth inning

    Oh Youk, you master
    what a way to get out of
    a pickle and steal!

    Captain I just knew
    I could count on you when down
    to not surrender.

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Boston 4/Braves 1

    Sometimes the spirit just doesn't move me during a game, sometimes it does. Perhaps it was that "damn, it's a Fox game tomorrow" which means putting up with Tim McCarver (why does this man still have a job?) and a team of broadcasters that make no secret that they hate the Red Sox and will do all they can to show their disdain. Perhaps it's that I'm missing that chemistry Orsillo really has with the Remdawg (please get well soon Jerry - I miss you) or the silliness of Eck in the booth.

    Whatever it was, no matter how beautiful a gem, what caught my imagination was the late innings balk.


    Everyone moves up
    thanks to yet another balk
    runners poised to strike

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Nationals 9/Sox 1

    I missed the return of Smoltz to attend a high school graduation.

    The universe works in mysterious ways.

    Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Sox 6/Nationals 4

    I'm starting to think the perhaps the Nationals are the Tampa Bay Rays of the National League. They gave us a good run for the money and both nights it only took one mistake to open things up for us. Still, it was a good game and a good win.

    Earlier in the day I was in a shopping mall where a kid was wearing a Pedroia jersey. He told me he was his favorite player and I said I was betting he was good for a couple of home runs. Of course he didn't (last night) but there's still tonight.

    Of course they scored one of their runs on a freak play when the bat and ball flew at Nick Green and he hung in there until the last moment. I have to say it was a bit sobering seeing the bat sticking out of the ground where it impaled the sod knowing that could have been a piece of Green, but we recovered and Papi made them pay.


    So I told a kid
    Pedroia is good for two
    I hope I'm right

    Bat and ball flying
    Nick Green tries to stay on it
    thank G-d he's not hurt!

    Papi's back in town
    and announcing it loudly
    three to one Red Sox

    Captain my captain
    I sing your praises again
    a great two run shot

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Sox 11/Nationals 3

    Boston returned to DC in interleague play against the Washington Nationals in their new stadium. It is a beautiful stadium with an ugly team. I was in DC when the Nats were about to enter into their first season this side of the border and the excitement was huge. Unfortunately we're still dealing with the Expos and Expos mentality, thus they have managed to disappoint to the point of thanking the baseball deities for this chance to allow the worst team in the MLB to be trounced by one of the best in the MLB. For once there were bodies in the seat, even if the results were close to a normal night at the ball park in DC.

    The fact those bodies were Bostonians who realized it was cheaper to fly to DC, stay a couple of days and catch a couple of Sox games is beside the fact. At least the Nats hung in there for a little bit before waving the flag of surrender.

    Sox playing the Nats
    first time in the Nats new park
    too bad the Nats suck

    It's Red Sox Nation
    They're loud, proud and in da house
    it's cheaper than home

    Wells is trying hard
    but mimicking Pap's stare
    isn't quite enough

    Jason Bay is great
    Theo needs to sign him NOW
    no ifs ands or buts

    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Sox 6/Braves 5

    A father's day game in the New England drizzle with strange winds. While I missed the first half of the game (we took my husband to brunch and to the JFK Library), what I did catch reminded me that Papelbon can have his human days where the glare's not as scary and the control isn't quite where he wants it. He got lucky and sometimes better lucky than good. Nick Green saved his backside this time... even then, it was a good win.

    NOTE: I set my twitter to Tehran time to help create a log jam so people can get information out. You should do the same.


    Drizzle in the ninth
    Score is tied and Pap is off
    good luck to the boys

    Nick Green steps in
    with one mighty swing, is it?
    YES walk off baby!

    Green saves Pap's back side
    On a day the stuff was weak
    Happy Father's Day!

    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Sox 3/Braves 0

    It was a lovely day for a game, unfortunately it was at night when the weather got a little funky. Fortunately for us, the weather held and so did the Sox. Derek Lowe's return to Fenway wasn't quite what he hoped for; however, he wasn't an embarrassment.


    Derek Lowe is back
    But that doesn't stop the boys
    from ending his night.

    I like double plays
    when they are clean and pretty
    and turned by the Sox

    Beckett throws a gem
    it may not be breaking news
    it's still a great feat

    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Braves 8/Sox 2

    What should have been an interesting match up turned into a disaster with the first pitch. It happens sometimes - the breaks go to the other team and it was one of those nights. What struck me when they pulled Dice-K was that in Little League we tell kids on the mound: you have 7 players behind you, just throw strikes and let them do their jobs. But a couple of odd bounces, weird directions off the wall and such made me wonder if that's really the right advice to give to kids?


    It's Dice-K versus
    Kawakami so far it's
    a good one on tap

    We tell pitchers that
    the whole team is behind them
    I guess not tonight

    Bay got us on board
    Big Papi sat us back down
    perhaps it's a start?

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Marlins 2/Sox 1

    I knew when they pulled the tarp the game was over. Eck tried to tell me otherwise, but I knew and I needed to get some sleep before the iPhone launch today. With the storms looming on the horizon, I'm hoping they get the game in tonight as well... we'll see. Time for an old school Boston rivalry. I wonder who my parents are rooting for, they were Braves fans back in the day but now are "default" Red Sox fan since... well since I can remember. My, my loyalty lies in one place only: my heart (and sox) are RED.


    Wow an on time start
    As the rain falls on Fenway
    can we sweep the Fish?

    Yes the beard of truth
    powered Youk over the wall
    for the one run lead

    It's starting to pour
    They're rolling out the tarp now.
    Marlins by default?

    Eck says we ain't done
    this is just a rain delay.
    Me, I'm not so sure

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Sox 6/Marlins 1

    Figures I was at the 499th consecutively sold out game because last night they gave away goodies for the 500th sold out game. Story of my life... oh well, we got a Papi homerun and other wonderful highlights that night. Last night's victory was a fresh taste of comfort as I gear up for work insanity over the next couple of weeks. Also, with a new car coming into my life I need to find an appropriate Sox emblem to go along with my RS plates. If only they made a Red Sox fish emblem.....

    I went the wrong night
    no presents for me except
    a big win and fun

    Will a run walk in?
    Happened last night after all
    Instead a single.

    Pap's intense again
    throwing hot cheese at batters
    falling down like leaves

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Sox 8/Marlins 2

    What a great night at the park! I headed into the game with my siblings for a night of baseball, beer and Fenway Franks. Papi got his groove back and is finally back over the Mendoza line. Jacoby stole a couple of bases and we dined on fish. :) Since the focus was on family time, there were no haiku documenting Wakes blistering 67 mph knuckle ball or other things I would normally note and I'd love to thank Nini for the assist on the second haiku.


    At Fenway tonight
    loving the view over first
    what a game tonight

    Good game, family fun
    Ortiz is hitting again
    it's time for the win

    On the way back home
    T-shirt vendors hawk their wares
    "Five dollah hats heah"

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Phillies 11/Sox 6

    Like so many other games, this is one where it all went south later in the game. For the Sox this year it seems like if we can avoid that one "bad" inning, we're good and we're just not that good at avoiding it right now.

    Once again it starts/a bad inning changes all/oh for shorter games

    It's do or die time/we're coming into the ninth/time to get into gear

    You can't win them all/but I hate stupid losses/this one was stupid

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    Sox 11/Phillies 6

    In game 2 against Phillie, there was a 1.5 hour rain delay after the first.Dice-K was left in a hair too long because he was brought back after the delay and thrw about 3-4 dozen warm up pitches before starting the second inning. While the offense stepped up and did their part, it was a bit hairy there for a moment.

    Lugo is hitting/the nation is so relieved/maybe it will last?

    Oh my Pedroia/never cease to amaze me/I mean it... don't stop

    Like Manny's better/c'mon, get it together/before we lose this

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Sox 5/Phillies 2

    I learned today that the twitter feed scrolls accordingly, so I will repost my game haiku the next day starting today. Enjoy. If anyone's interested in the older ones, let me know. My husband decided I needed to take a break from baseball and convinced me to go out for the evening. We ended up at a local mall, where I was forced to follow the game via Sportacular and's game day programs. It wasn't pretty. At least I got home in time to watch the extra inning 5-2 win over Philly.

    Husband says to me/you need a break from baseball/hooray for wi-fi
    In the Apple store/Game Day on a MacBook Pro/not ideal but works
    So close to a win/now it's a tie in the ninth/lets win red sox NOW


    I opened a Twitter account a year ago and then promptly ignored it. In a conversation just before the start of the 2009 baseball season, I mentioned it to someone who challenged me to write a Haiku about Red Sox games via Twitter.

    One problem I notice with twitter is that I can't correct typos - so I will use this spot to do so and apologize in advance for my ham fingered typing.