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    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Seattle takes 2 out of 3

    The games were Seattle 7/Boston 6 (Friday night); Seattle 3/Boston 2 (Saturday) and Boston 8/Seattle 4 for the weekend series.

    Some highlights of the games included Sean Casey in the booth with Don Orsillo trying his hand at broadcast journalism. (Sean, you need some minor league gigs to learn how to loosen up the way Eck naturally does.) One of the problems was Casey falling into the old stalwart of bizarre statistical analysis of games in June on Fridays after a month of rainfall when the wind is blowing in a particular direction for someone who bats 6th in the order type of statistical gymnastics. When you have do those sorts of things, you're trying too hard.

    Jason Bay became a US citizen, which lead to overlong discussions about whether or not US born citizens could pass the citizenship test (I got a 90% when I took it online... it would have been 100% but I second guessed myself on Woodrow Wilson). There was a lot of talk of Remy's possible return "sooner than you think" (thank heavens, even if I will miss Eck's talk of salad, cheese, fingers in sockets and such) and lots of celebrities paraded in and out of the booth.

    Saturday was disappointing. One rule in baseball is a constant: one bad pitch can ruin your day (if you're the pitcher) or make it (if you're the hitter). Saito learned what it was like to have a bad day.

    Sunday, after a weekend of celebrating the fourth, I just didn't have it in me to follow the games via haiku. I am back tonight though (after I make some linguini and clam sauce for dinner). So here is the round up of Friday and Saturday's observations:

    Friday Mariners 7/Sox 6

    Baseball announcers
    are funny about their stats
    Friday games in June?

    Bay officially
    is a US citizen
    it's Canada's loss

    We're in extra frames
    praying for another win
    will Ortiz walk off?

    Saturday Mariners 3/Sox 2

    Fourth of July game
    played during the afternoon
    the way it should be.

    I said to the cat
    Tek needs a monster home run
    he must have heard me.

    NO! The game is tied
    I worry around now:
    can we pull it out?

    Aardsma makes quick work
    one tow three, down in order
    yet another loss.