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    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Sox 15/Royals 9

    OK... I came to the party late tonight. I missed the early fireworks and Smoltz's part in his first win. The person who insisted that time was nature's way of keeping everything happening at once is a liar. But I started listening in the car as KC began to threaten in the sixth. They stuck a fork in Masterson because he was done and brought in DelCarmen. KC threatened some more and suddenly an 8 run lead to start the inning was reduced to the point of Joe Castiglione's voice saying through the static, "The tying run is at the plate..." Fortunately Oki took us out of the inning with a 3 run lead.

    Things went back and forth a little - KC threatened, Sox responded with a smattering of hits liberally dosed with a ton of good luck. In the end we won and the score suggests maybe we were tossing a pigskin around the field instead of swatting at leather - but a win's a win and it's always exciting to watch a kid just called up get his first hit - which has an RBI attached to it.

    If nothing else, let's hope the Royals learned one thing: stop walking players to get to the next guy. I doesn't work well with the Sox when they're running hot and last night they were scalding.

    For those of you following my twitter feed, you may have noticed some new tags. I've been told that there are some active haiku tags I should add so now I try to remember to add #haiku. The other one is #haikuchallenge. This is someone who declares what the "challenge" word of the day is. The other day it was "frisson." Last night it was "response."

    I'm out and about
    we have a humungous lead
    later, not so much

    The bull pen is fried
    Jason Bay's respons: a double
    bringing hope with it.

    Papi out at home
    the ball at first: overthrown
    Bay scores from second.

    Walking Kotsay? Dumb.
    Loading the bases? Really?
    Green's response: priceless.

    Ellsbury drives one
    he steals second just for fun
    now a walk to Tek.

    Bates sends a response.
    RBI single for now
    his first big league hit.

    The Sox bat around
    second time tonight but now
    the rain is falling.