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    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    Sox 3/Orioles 1

    Last night was pretty prolific and someone wrote a response haiku as well... so keep the cards and letters coming fans. :) It was a good game that found me screaming at the TV when things happened like Tek's RBI single and the Markakis/Ellsbury shoot out (and what a play, even if Jacoby was out). There was Mike Lowell's catch in the press pit by Baltimore's dug out and then Papelbon letting the bases load up before getting the third out for the save. I'm lucky my nails are still in tact and it reminded me yet again why I don't go for manicures during baseball season unless something special's happening.

    Just another day in the life of a Sox fan.


    What is with the Sox
    they look defeated tonight
    perhaps trade rumors?

    Ellie029's response:
    No it's not the trade
    they have sucked for a long time
    home was meant to help.

    my response:
    Not a long time but
    more like midseason slump
    they'll pick up soon

    Mike Lowell on first
    with his George Clooney good looks
    oh the ribald thoughts!

    Penny gets stung hard
    he says he's OK but should
    I breath easily?

    Lowell makes the catch
    hugs the camera smiling
    then displays the ball

    Ellsbury is fast
    but Markakis is faster
    he's out at home plate

    What a ribald play!
    Speed versus power running
    we lost that battle

    Mr. Papelbon
    your job is to get three outs
    not build the drama