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    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    Sox 5/A's 4

    The A's left town defeated but not without a fight. They never gave up and people need to give them credit for that. They put on the shift, robbed us of hits and never let things get away from them.

    A friend called during the evening, so I ended up watching the game with while explaining some of what was happening. It's tough when you're not a baseball fan and just trying to understand. I get it.

    In the end, we took the series, which we needed, and are now facing KC - one of those teams that you sort of wish could return to their glory days. I'm hoping for a good set of games against them and reporting back to Greg & Suzy, who are true blue Royals fans.

    I love you guys dearly but I still want to smoke the Royals like a turkey. I can't help it, I'm a sox girl. 'Nuf Ced. ;)


    Wakefield's knuckle ball
    dips, slides and wiggles around
    confusing batters.

    Eck's commentary
    is always quite amusing
    tonight's is as well.