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    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Oakland: Kicks/Sox ass

    Look, there's no hiding the ugly truth, we just had 2 epic fails in a row. Papelbon blow a three run lead in the ninth? Inconceivable! I mean even the worst Sox hater must have been in shock over that. Penny give up 5 runs in the first? Inconceivable! Last night I was waiting for Andre the Giant to say, "I do not think that word means what you think it does...."

    It was putrid to say the least. I love my team, I am committed through good times and bad, for better or worse. I am used to such things over the years but it still hurts and I had nightmares all night about Brad Penny's pitching.

    Now the news about Ortiz... I guess those weren't unicorn tears in those eye drops. Are any of us really surprised?

    /rant on/ But Rosenthal's comments on MLB on Fox are unprofessional. I get it, the guys on Fox Sports are Yankees fans but dammit, you're journalists. Even back when I wrote for, I didn't randomly bash the evil empire (although I took delight in their low points) I kept the homer-ism to a minimum. I hadn't realized how subdued I was until my son said to me, "Even though you hate the Yankees, you're are insanely fair in pointing out when they make a good play or do well." Because you know what Mr. Rosenthal, that's what JOURNALISTS do. Even in my opinion column days I tried to remember I was a journalist first and tempered my work from there.

    /end rant/

    At any rate... back to 17 syllables of poetry over the last couple of games:

    Rice's number retired
    with much pomp and circumstance
    you deserve it Jim

    Is there Eckersley
    bingo or dictionary?
    I have "Lollipop"

    Buchholz managed five
    the kid just doesn't have it.
    Maybe as a Cub?

    Don will never strain
    his oblique in the booth yes
    his tongue. Oblique, no.

    Sox get another
    seven to five Boston leads
    we need three more outs

    Papelbon blown save?!
    So much for Buchholz's win.
    Damn your arm Nick Green.


    I just can't take it
    even Eck can't ease my pain
    Terry make it stop

    Just what do you say?
    Don't sweat it Brad? Shake it off?
    Dude you sucked dead goats?

    Proof I'm a Sox fan?
    I'm still watching and praying.
    Mike, thank you for hope

    Son has a theory:
    if Penny throws bad tonight
    he won't be traded.

    Pumpkin time for me
    nightmares await me tonight
    Penny, you broke my heart.