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    Friday, July 17, 2009

    Sox 6/ Royals 0

    Last game before the all star break happened the same day we decided to go see Tall Ships hanging in Boston Harbor. That meant listening "old school" on an AM radio.

    Well, actually listening to WRKO's broadcast over the XM in the car because the signal kept acting up without the XM. It seemed perfect as it was a perfect ball game day as well. When we stopped for ice cream and there was no radio, I found the ice cream place had wireless so I could follow the game on my iPod Touch.


    Listening old school
    on an AM radio
    on a summer day

    This sunny Sunday
    all talk is the all star game.
    What about today?

    Game between tall ships
    boats and baseball, does it get
    much better than this?

    Bottom of seventh
    I wirelessly follow
    the synchronous play

    No visual game
    it was a radio day
    for this Beckett gem.