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    Saturday, July 4, 2009

    Sox 6/Orioles 5

    Well, I'm a little behind (damn off day) but we finished up in Baltimore by pulling a, well, Baltimore. We came from a 5 run deficit to win it by in the 11th by, of all people, Julio Lugo! I wonder, was it to make him more attractive for a trade or trying desperately to keep from being traded? Either way, at least he earned his check the other day.

    I prefer the theory that Lugo was kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a clone. I mean, how can you not love a good clone conspiracy theory? Really.

    Now this was a day game and NESN rebroadcasted at 7pm. Many people were unaware it was a day game. I chose to treat it like it was live only because I missed the game (I was working) and I figure after a long day, who doesn't like to kick back and watch the game?

    Tough night for Beckett
    the O's lead and we can't score
    perhaps we'll come back.

    Beckett finds his stride
    now some run support will help
    maybe we can win

    Mighty Youkilis
    he drives one deep to right field
    could we be spoilers?

    Hey! Bases loaded
    look who's up, it's a home run
    hitter so back up!

    Ellsubry is fast.
    The alien Lugo clone
    drives Jacoby home.