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    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    A's 6/Sox 0

    It was a picture perfect day - summer had finally come to Boston with Nomar #5's return. The excitement was palatable and the standing ovation spoke volumes. But in the end, it was not Boston's night at all. I walked out of the room to flip laundry and cook dinner only to come back in and see us trailing. Not a good situation at all.

    Pedroia was a late scratch as he was ordered by Francona to stay by his very pregnant wife's side. The alien clone that had taken Lugo's place seems to have returned to the mother ship and in the end it was just a sad evening to be a sox fan because, in the end, Oakland smoked us bad! Today's papers were all about how Nomah is hoping to return to Boston to finish his career as member of the Red Sox. I would like that. After all, what choice do we have? Julio Lugo?


    Nomah number five
    is back home in Boston
    I hope he strikes out

    Standing ovation
    for Nomar at Fenway now
    still he grounded out

    I just went away
    to flip laundry and cook food
    so what happened Sox?!!!