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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    KC 8/Sox 6

    What had the promise of a great beginning quickly soured as Brad Penny began to tire and Manny DelCarmen's nerves kicked in. The night was not a total loss as Papi hit a milestone 300th homerun. I fear that any haiku tonight will be few and far between as I traded shifts with someone so that I could attend the Great Fenway Park Writers Series luncheon. Bill Keller, the executive editor of the NYT, spoke about Nelson Mandela... not the newspaper industry. One of the highlights was Dick Flavin, the poet laureate of Red Sox Nation got up to literally sing the praises of Dominic DiMaggio.

    Of course the occasion could not go unnoted. :)

    Fenway Writers lunch
    Dick Flavin sings praises of
    Dom DiMaggio

    Last night I also took part in the Haiku challenge of using the word frisson in a haiku. I am proud to say I did so ... twice.

    Pedroia runs home
    and the Red Sox take the lead
    add to it Papi!

    Papi lifts it up
    it sours through the early night
    300 - so good!

    Brad Penny seems spent
    tonight his timing is off
    will he blow the lead?

    Pig Papi's homer
    met reaction of frisson
    from Fenway faithful

    Slip a high fast ball?
    Oh no, not past Pedroia
    he's too good for that.

    Earlier frisson
    has melted into ennue
    Fenway is quiet