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    Sunday, July 19, 2009


    Another busy weekend where baseball is secondary.  Friday was a date night for dinner and Harry Potter in the premium cinema.  Saturday we lost 6-2 and Sunday I had to work - which means sneaking in game day from the floor.

    For those of you who actually follow me on Twitter - the tags are as follow: #haiku #haikuchallenge (using the challenge word of the day in a haiku) and #redsox.  I have discovered there are #eck (Dennis Eckersley) #yankeessuck and other tags... those are less frequent but I am now tagging my tweets.

    In order from Friday:

    I have to wonder
    will Buchholz post a zero
    in the hit column


    The roof is open
    the crowd is settling in
    it's time for baseball

    What kind of heathen
    has no vowels in his name?
    the Blue Jays scare me

    A New York heathen
    tried to tell me the Yankees don't suck.
    they are wrong.

    The Blue Jays now lead
    Penny's not on the money
    I do wonder why

    My Red Sox buddy
    has runn off to her food dish
    fickle heathen cat

    They stopped reading
    Youk's lips when an "F" bomb flew
    learned from Eck's mistakes

    my break falls during the gae
    is it game time yet?

    Break schedule changed
    My anticipation for
    naught, no game for me