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    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    Orioles 11/Sox 10

    What a frustrating game. We went to a rain delay with a nine run lead only to lose in the ninth. What a difference a couple of innings can make. But the next time my husband says, "They've got enough of a lead, let's watch..." I'm going to remind him of what every real fan knows: it's the Red Sox, it's never over until it's over.

    Smoltz didn't get to finish and the rain delay came 3 outs too early, otherwise they might have called it for the Sox and sent everyone home instead of waiting it out. But, in the end, it was Baltimore's night to come from behind and shine.


    Loading the bases
    hoping Papi is off
    seven on Boston

    A brush back for Tek
    did it or did it not hit?
    Off to take first base.

    Here comes the rain now
    a delay in Baltimore
    will Smoltz finish it?

    Players on the field
    three quick outs to start the 5th
    if the rain holds out.

    Oops there are three outs
    to an inning, not just two
    back on the field boys

    It's a one run game
    how the hell did that happen?
    Stupid freakin' O's

    Five in the seventh
    Five more in the eighth inning
    Baltimore did it.