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    Friday, July 31, 2009

    Sox 8/A's 5

    All any one could talk about was Papi testing positive in 2003. What really ground my gears though was a simple tweet from Ken Rosenthal. Look, I get it, the Fox Sports crew hate the Sox - I don't like it and it pisses me off when I have to listen to them but I sort of accept it as collateral damage while thanking my lucky stars I get to watch games with Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy (or, whomever is partnered with Orsillo while Remy's out on medical leave).

    Rosenthal asked: "Is any1 surprised anymore 2 learn a star player tested positive? Maybe Sox fans will pipe down about A-Rod. Every team had users."

    Here's the thing Ken - putting professionalism aside (something you do when you sell your soul to Fox), when "reporting" you need to lay off the fans and report FACTS. Guilty or not, you posted an opinion rather than reporting a fact and that act alone pisses me off. Even as an opinion columnist, I kept tried to keep that in check.

    Dice-K's mea culpa ... news. Sox stopping their slide... news. Speculation about Papi, until I read the reports, innuendo. Just like I didn't spit on Bonds or Clemens until the facts were clear, neither will I spit on Papi. In the meantime... if I give you a buck will you buy a clue or at least look up the definition of "reporter" in a reputable dictionary?

    Papi's 3 run homer so the Sox took the lead was the medicine the nation needed yesterday. In the mean time: up yours Fox Sports.


    MLB on Fox
    word about your Sox comments:

    Youk makes me happy
    what a way to get a hit
    double by the sun

    Here comes Big Papi
    such a long shadow now cast
    from a long time past

    Take that Rosenthal
    Papi still has it and we
    will ALWAYS love him

    Papelbon looks good
    but will this hit rattle him
    or a double play?

    Dustin Pedroia
    all I can do is yell: YES
    just what a great catch

    Hoist the ball high
    Ellsbury breaks the streak with
    another great catch