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    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Sox/Tigers wrap up

    Life is what happens when you're busy making plans... at least that's what John Lennon has to say on the subject.

    Some highlights - well, the BIG highlight was Youk finally losing it and charging the mound. He's been suspended 5 games and should be rejoining us by Tuesday when we hit Toronto. The Sox are in Texas right now and they are facing their rivals for the wild card slot. If we take the series, then it's that much better for us as we start to look to the post-season.

    The other big news was the return of Remy. The Remdawg made a visit to the park and spoke openly about his battle with depression after dealing with cancer. If I had been there, I would have hugged him and thanked him for being so honest. Today Dick Flavin, who was at the park, told me the applause lasted the entire time between the sides changing up. I admit I love Eck in the booth - but I miss Remy and will be glad to see him return.

    I only caught the ninth inning of Thursday's day game due to work and obligations... but I'm in and ready for tonight in Texas. Let's go Red Sox.

    So here are the wrap ups from the week:

    Sox 7/Tigers 5

    Tazawa looks lost
    if Green doesn't screw him up
    he should do OK

    The message to Youk
    was crystal clear, so was his
    response: piss off punk

    Dear Detroit thank you
    for lighting a fire under
    the Red Sox's asses

    Mr. Toad's wild ride
    Fenway editions is still
    in motion: by boss

    Tazawa is now
    finding his stride, two punch outs
    in a row, good job.

    Mike Lowell's message:
    kiss that ball good bye sucker
    I've got Youk's back pal

    Three up and three down
    Tazawa is doing his
    best to hold the lead

    Lowell decides to
    add a PS: by the way
    apologize ... NOW

    The game is back on
    the rain has moved plast the park
    the message: play ball!

    Sox 8/Tigers 2

    Sometimes I wonder
    if arm chair coaches
    like Lowell again

    Trying to take out
    Pedroia now? Is Detroit
    that scared of the Sox?

    Big Papi is up
    I wonder if he will pull
    the ball? A single!

    I love you Jerry
    thank you for talking about
    your ordeal. YOU ROCK

    I think Granderson
    will be glad to leave Fenway
    after tonight's game.

    The Oki Dokie
    seems to be pulling just right
    two down, one to go.

    A ten strik out night
    last week's nay sayers must be
    pulling their hair out

    Detroit 2/Sox 0

    Finally watching
    bottom of the ninth and we
    need a miracle