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    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Yanks sweep Sox

    While the baseball fan inside of me knows better, the little girl who dreams of the Sox is broken right now. Yes, we still lead the Sox/Yanks series 8-4, but the losses were painful. There were two games so well pitched it wasn't funny... the type of game where you feel like there shouldn't be a loser even though you know there has to be. Whether it was the 15 inning opus on Friday or the nine inning battle lost in the 8th, they were losses that stabbed you in the heart with a stiletto heel before stomping on your throat. It was made worse having to watch the games on Fox Sports and ESPN over the weekend.

    We saw the end of John Smoltz's career on Thursday night; a beautiful pitchers' battle between Josh Beckett and A J Burnett, Daniel Bard's implosion... so many notable moments.



    Ugly night so far
    TV kicked to Burn Notice
    Maybe it's a hint?

    I'll give Smoltz this much
    when he collapses, he
    really collapses.

    Following the game
    on Sportacular tonight
    it's more than enough

    Like a spurned suitor
    the Sox are late to the dance
    let's pick up the pace.

    Perhaps it's the Yanks
    turn tonight, but I never
    count the Red Sox out.

    Ah John Smoltz, you lose
    again. How long until you
    just give up for good?

    Friday August 7:

    A rubber chicken
    dinner instead of the game
    life as a parent.

    I must check the score
    so discreetly under the
    table: tied at nil

    Beckett is pitching
    duelling Burnett. I hope
    the Sox edge ahead.

    I wonder, should I
    have smuggled a radio
    to listen now?

    The last group is up
    soon I'll be going home and
    listen in the car.

    Yanks leave them loaded
    Posada then interferes
    I need a TV

    Burnett tired first
    New York reaches for the pen
    here's hoping they fold

    Beckett's done also
    it's Oki's turn now to go
    for the hopeful win

    Another extra
    innings game and I'm fading
    fast will I make it?


    My custom is to
    when the game's on Fox

    I believe in the
    Red Sox today, yesterday
    and tomorrow too.

    Another dry heave
    inning for the sox. I hope
    Clay can handle it.

    The no hitter's done
    now the question becomes can
    Clay Buchholz go deep?

    Is Tim McCarver
    psychic? He just called the win
    in the sixth inning.

    Ramirez is out?
    Really? That makes zero sense.
    What's up the ump's ass?

    The Sox lose again
    I still believe but right now
    I just feel sickened.



    In the Big Apple
    the Sox face the Yanks again
    let's go Jon Lester

    Bay is back tonight
    I hope he's up tot he task
    we really need him

    A bright spot tonigh
    El Tiante in the booth
    please, please let him stay

    Is it me or does
    Joe Morgan sound like Cleveland
    from Family Guy?

    Finally! A game
    recap from the announcers
    please come back NESN

    Do you think maybe
    the announcers looked up and
    said, "Hey a game's on!"

    It was time to get
    serious and the window
    closed again. Oy Veh!

    Perhaps it is time
    to say "Fuck Jobu" to wake
    up the Red Sox bats.

    What sweet swing to
    take the lead Martinez you
    have restored my faith

    There goes Lester's win
    in the New York night followed
    by Bard's broken heart

    I want to vomit.
    Between this inning and the
    announcers, not fun