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    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Oh my... I got caught up ...

    and haven't been posting. Right now the Yanks are in town for their last game of this series. I didn't post from the Toronto series or the shellacking we took Friday or the one we gave on Saturday... so here they all are. I promise to be more vigilant in the future.


    to the Pedroias on the
    birth of their first son.

    Big Papi knows that
    actions speak louder than words
    two nothing Boston

    Jason Bay will not
    be out done by Big Papi
    seven three Boston

    Are the Sox getting
    ready for the next chapter
    of the Sox-Yanks feud?

    Did the Sox give up?
    Francona looks distracted
    time to play small ball

    Sox take lead on a
    bad bunt and cheap shot but I'm
    not proud, I'll take it

    Papelbon needs to
    keep his head in the game or
    Sox will be in deep

    Better lucky than
    good tonight but I'll take it
    we needed the win


    No haiku tonight
    it's too hot and I'm cranky
    so let's go Red Sox

    Jerry Remy is
    coming back, which deserves a
    haiku. Welcome back. :)

    Oh one more haiku
    Buchholz looked like a pitcher
    letting the balls fly

    Yankees 20 - Sox 11

    Yankees back in town
    Remdawg's in the booth tonight
    rain rain go away

    Jacoby does it
    he steals second and ties the
    Sox record. Good Job

    Not surprisingly
    Penny just doesn't have it
    get a clue Theo

    No magic pixie
    dust needed, the Sox need som
    solid hitting now


    Sox 14-Yankees 1

    Ortiz monster run
    welcomes me home. And a piece
    of McCarver died.

    Jason Bay welcomes
    me home as well with one in
    the bullpen. Thank you.

    McCarver is lost
    he can't declare the Yankees
    winners in the sixth

    Pedroia reminds
    FOX Sports he's an MVP
    to McCarver's pain

    So Youk's last home run
    was his penultimate one
    so far in the game.

    I wish Remy was
    calling the game today as
    he's not a homer

    Youk hits a double
    is McCarver relieved it's
    not another run?

    Nini's at Fenway
    I'm at home in the AC
    and we're both happy

    Looks like it's about
    to pour in Boston, hurry
    Sox, get the third out!