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    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Sox 6/Tigers 5

    It was a good game. Penny didn't have a complete meltdown in the fifth and DelCarmen got himself out of a pinch. For me one of the highlights was the realization that Don Orsillo is now saying things like "paint" and "cheese with hair on it..." so Eck is having a good influence on him in the booth. We took the W and the Yanks were handed an L by the Jays - that's a good thing when you're a Sox Girl. 'Nuf Ced.

    Eck is in the booth
    not Remy as rumored but
    at least it's not Dave

    Can the Sox climb from
    this deep pit they find themselves
    at the bottom of?

    Pedroia gives u
    a reason to cheer and breathe
    with a monster run

    Did Orsillo just
    say paint? I can't believe it!
    Well done Eck, well done.

    Red Sox short stop curse
    Nick Green woudl disagree with
    one out of the park

    So now it begins
    the Penny implosion in
    the fifth like always.

    Jason Bay lets go
    for his twenty second run
    making me happy

    I have to resist
    "Bring me a shrubbery" when
    ever they say "Ni."

    Another starter's
    win floats on the night breeze and
    out of the ball park

    Even in the night
    the sun shines bright at Fenway
    whenever we lead.

    It's hairy cheeseball
    time for Papelbon I hope
    he can just hold on