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    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    Sox 8/Rangers 4

    The Wild Card race is on and we came in 1/2 a game ahead of Texas. So this series is a must win. For most of the game, the Sox trailed until the bats woke up and we pulled it up in the end. The end result was a win for us after Victor Martinez turned things around.

    In the mean time, Peabody, MA little league won today's New England final to represent at Williamsport with a walk off grand slam. Good job guys. I knew you'd pull it out after pulling it out a couple of times against Newton Central Little League.

    Frank Viola is
    in the booth tonight with Don
    let's see how it goes

    Lester needs to find
    a rhythm, a stride, something
    since we need this win

    Red Sox Nation makes
    itself heard in Arlington
    just because we can

    Millwood is done
    as Big Papi steps into
    the box. A hit please.

    Big Papi comes through
    tying the score int he sixth
    we go us a game

    Damn! So close and yet
    a huge out. Buchholz is NOT
    a pinch runner. Damn!

    Martinez does it!
    A big, dig double to lead
    go all the way Bay!

    JD Drew goes deep
    to double the lead now
    another wild ride


    Good job Peabody!
    Walk off grand slam for the win